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“She will be very sad…”: Jean-Pierre Castaldi is worried about his wife Corinne, who is much younger than him

Anouchka leads the investigation to discover and find all the scoops related to the stars. There is no impossible task for this truly cool journalist.

Since 1999, Jean-Pierre Castaldi has been married to the beautiful Corinne, whom he met “by chance” on the ski slopes. Filled with a wife with whom he has two children, Benjamin Castaldi’s father has made it clear that he is very worried about his precious wife if he is to disappear…

In a relationship with Corinne for many years (thirty-four years), Jean-Pierre Castaldi Talk about his unconditional love for the woman he considers the woman of his life with Jordan de Luxe on his show luxury moment. Despite receiving a lot of criticism at the time of their meeting (Corin is twenty years younger than him), the former host of Boyar Castle However, he did not abandon your poet, which he considers truly magical. “I say it because I have to remember it, but I I met her yesterday. 34 years [de vie commune] went like this‘ He trusted with great affection.

Married to her since May 29, 1999, Jean-Pierre Casseldi and has two children with Corinne: Giovanni and Paola. Worried and anxious about what would happen to them if he fell ill and was no longer of this world, Jean-Pierre thinks above all of their protection. “I want her to be able to live happily Because I know she will be very sad when I leave.”, he explained before deciding that their house in Brittany was also reconstructed. “I have to save her On the day I’m going to die, let her have the means‘, captivated the patriarch of the Castaldi family.

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He was previously married to actress Catherine Allegrete with whom he has a son, Benjamin Castaldi, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, who defines himself as “Ultra sensitiveHe revealed the secrets of his meeting with Corinne to the magazine’s journalists here is Paris In July 2020.”On skates I met a girl twenty years younger than me, and my wife of thirty-two years. Our life is together. Her friends say she has dealt with the uncontrollable matters. You have brought me some calm, two beautiful children, sunshine in my life. I’m spoiled‘, he explained.

The mixed family of Jean-Pierre Castaldi was also very successful: “We meet every summer at Belle-Île-en-Mer. The latter two have very special relationships with Benjamin’s sons, Enzo, Simon, who is still a student, and Julian who is in communications. Soon I will have a fourth grandsonIn fact, Benjamin Castaldi and his wife Auror Aleman have become the parents of a little boy named Gabriel who will be two years old on the 27th of August.

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