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Eric Rubin talks about his alleged betrayal of Andrea Legarreta on the beach

The ex Timbiriche has ruled out having to provide accounts for his wife (Image: Instagramerikrubinoficial)

On Tuesday, various pictures were posted Eric Rubin She appeared dancing next to a skinny blonde woman in a light blue suit, and now the singer He explained the situation in a video he posted on his social media sites.

through a section On Instagram, Andrea Legareta’s husband claimed that they were looking for him to make his statement on the controversial issue, but in his words, It’s ridiculous for me to do that. The singer explained that the photos were taken in Cancun and not in Tulum, and he was there with his father because they were about to make a deal, and he said they took him to see which restaurants are on hold because of one of those. They will do business.

The singer confirmed it in Every night he was on the peninsula taking pictures, dancing and greeting a lot of people, Among these photos were the shots with Effect She confirmed that the girl is dating one of her friends.

The singer added in the video description "Clarification, you don't have to, it is." (Photo: Instagram / @erikrubinoficial)
“Clarification, you don’t have to, but… there it is,” the singer added in the video description. (Photo: Instagram / @erikrubinoficial)

“She even made a file BoomerangWe were in a public place. That night, I’ll be at that table for no more than five minutes Well, they came out on the networks that I was unfaithful, so what do I do without Andrea, because I tell them that we are a couple, but we are individuals, we each do our things, our dreams and our careers, ”added ex-Timbiriche.

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Eric wondered what kind of relationships the people who criticized him had, because, in his opinion, they don’t let them go somewhere or don’t let them have friends, but he emphasized that this was not the case for their relationship. “I don’t have to explain anything to Andrea because she knows me […] They made a fuss, they offended my daughters, they offended Andrea, they offended me.”

Finally Robin He ended his statement with sarcasm. “Take care of the pictures, don’t go talk to anyone, you know what people are like.”

Eric Rubin and Andrea Legarreta married in 2000 (Image: Instagram / @erikrubinoficial)
Eric Rubin and Andrea Legarreta married in 2000 (Image: Instagram / @erikrubinoficial)

yesterday, Andrea Legarreta She defended her husband against this case by giving an interview to the media. In the series of questions and answers taken from Youtube From Eden Durantes, host Today She confirmed that she knows what she is living with her husband and that they take into account that they have gone through difficult times and complex stages, “but not this, this is stupid“, claimed.

The actress added that she respects her husband’s work and will not be fooled by their separation. “For me, he has his job, he has his life, he goes on tour, he goes out with the ’90s ( show)There are many girls and boys, staying in hotels and we’re on tour too, Not that we are painting the century, and do not betray each other, and We don’t do things that can destroy our history“.

Andrea Legareta hosted the TvyNovelas Awards (Image: Instagram @andrealegarreta)
Andrea Legareta hosted the TvyNovelas Awards (Image: Instagram @andrealegarreta)

Legarreta used this moment to declare that she is completely independent, and can go on on her own, just like Erik. Andrea also emphasized that netizens are getting ruthless, and they point out and attack more. “This section of society makes me very sad Where do they wait any moment someone does something You might mutilate to attack and mock someone, and perhaps celebrate the pain of others“.

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Legareta confirmed that she also saw the stories that day and confirmed that she is living a healthy life. “I find absolutely no fault and disrespect.” It was also questioned whether إذا His daughters were moved by the comments, But she denied this, because they know the excellent relationship between their parents.

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