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Frozen 2 on M6: What is the name of the movie in other countries? Cinema news

Clement Coyer


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In France, the Disney animated film “Frozen” was called the “Snow Queen”. But other countries have chosen different translations, sometimes surprising!

Frozen, one of the biggest animated films in recent years, has been dubbed Frozen in France. But what about the titles of the feature film in other countries, while the second adaptation aired last night on M6? The translations around the world were often different, sometimes surprising!

Let’s turn first to Eastern Europe, where the Disney movie titles, after translation, are The Frozen Kingdom (Bulgaria, Czech Republic), The Snowy Kingdom (Croatia), The Ice Country (Poland and Lithuania) or, more authentically, Magic Snow ( Hungary). In the north, Scandinavia, which includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden, has chosen the Frost language, which we can translate here as “freeze”.

On the southern side of Europe, the Spanish and Portuguese named the feature film Frozen – The Ice Kingdom, as did the Italians, who simply shortened the title (Ice Kingdom). For true authenticity, you need to go to Greece, which saw The Cold and Obstinate in theaters, or on the other side of the world, in Vietnam and Thailand, which respectively proposed to the audience Reine de l ‘winter and. … an adventure in the cursed land of the Snow Queen.

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