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Game of Talents: Denis Brogniart takes part in the show, and Koh-Lanta fans blush

On Friday, August 27, Gary introduced TF1’s new show, The Talent Game, scheduled for Friday in place of Koh-Lanta and postponed to Tuesday. The change of broadcast day that made netizens a little worried…

Friday 27 August 2021 marked the grand launch of the new TF1 entertainment programme, talent game. The program hosted by Gary Attends presents a competition between two teams. They try to use a set of clues Guess the hidden talents of artists. In the casting process, we’re counting on that great first award Iris Mittenaere, Florent Peyre, Camille Lacourt or even Camille Cerf, Maxime Dereymez and YouTuber star Inoxtag. “After polling our celebrities, Artists will reveal their true talent on stage and give us amazing performancesMoving and funny at times!โ€, TF1 promised in its press release. After revealing the hidden talents of the various stars present in the group and the artists who agreed to participate in the program, viewers will be delighted to see certain characters in action so that the astonishment continues until the last moment.

Dennis Brugniart is everywhere

If this program was so full of promises, I would have bothered more than one. In fact, TF1 decided to change the broadcast day of the show phare Koh LantaHistorically, it aired on Fridays. A heartbreak for some who have developed little rituals around publishing the adventure game. Yes talent game Far from offering the same kind of entertainment, TF1 played with fire Asked by Dennis Brugniart, Host koh lanta, To play the sound on an image in talent game. An unexpected voice presence that stunned some netizens who saw it and groaned A way for the chain to play with their nerves…”Fireworks, give us the voice of Dennis Brugnart and the music of Koh Lanta these sadists “,”It is good to move the knife through the wound To put Dennis Brugniart’s voice on this show… as if that wasn’t enough,”They are making fun of us In addition to putting Dennis and the music of Koh Lanta on those crazy people”, “No but TF1 which puts Dennis and the music of Koh Lanta, To look for us there, it’s not possibleCan we read among the many tweets posted during the evening.

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