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Garbage Sparta - Falupas.  Janowski, bold and effective.  Freak should stay at PGE Extraclassa [NOTY]

Garbage Sparta – Falupas. Janowski, bold and effective. Freak should stay at PGE Extraclassa [NOTY]

In the match against Bedart Sparta in Wrocaw, Max Freak from Falubas Gilona Cora’s website presented himself best (53:37). The Australian has shown that he deserves to continue racing in the elite.

Matthews McCus

Max Freak

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Konieczny / Photo: Max Freak

Tips for Betard Sparta Wrocław Players:

Thai Woffinton – 3. The author of the best time of the day, at the same time checked the various equipment systems, which is easy to see. Once he had to lose completely, because in his final start he was at the end of the pack with no contact with his rivals. If he actually tested before the playoffs, nothing to worry about would happen.

Daniel Powell – 4. He impressed in the first two starts, then it was a bit weak, but 9 points in four starts was still a good result. Coach Darius Śledź wanted him to be one of his teammates because he wanted to leave him in the machine park for the nominees, for example, to be tested by Sukunov.

Artem Sakuda – 4. The start and end of the match failed, right in the middle of the match. It is suspected that the Russians took advantage of the fact that this was the last chance for Sparta to check various systems.

The video confirms the interest on Apator Drabik! What about Miedziński?

Sukunov Club – 4. It was different until then, so in the 14th race, he improved his decision at the last start. In one race he drove himself brilliantly and was able to overcome the pair of Gilona Cora, in another race he was very sluggish. He seems to have some work to do before the playoffs.

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Mackiez Janowski – 5 If you want to see a race for something in the distance, Janowski must take part in it. Already in the third run he made a useful move on Dudek. Definitely very bold on the track and effective at the same time.

Michael Korsitech – 2 In the youth flow, the second partner came behind the back, so he did the job. He just didn’t do it the concrete way. Who knows, if he hadn’t felt too confident on the Nile Duff bike and made no mistake, he would have passed the cuttlefish. Then, as soon as the Sparta Jr. started, there was misfortune in the form of a motorcycle defect.

Presmisa Lisca – 3. He did his job, which means he won the junior race and in his third scheduled race he defeated the rival youth rider, but he could do nothing else. This is a pity because he is already a very experienced youngster and he can do better at home. Tips for Players of Philopas Zilona Cora:

Max Freak – 5 Very helpful from the audience. As a former Spartan player, he may have known a lot about the Vrogov track and was able to use it. Besides rewarding his driving points, he can also experience bad style. Regardless of whether or not Fallopass stays at PGE Extralica, Freak’s recent appearances show that he deserves to compete in the highest league in Poland.

Madhej Jagger – 1 She is now the complete opposite of Freak. He runs without believing that the race can be a success for him. We’ve also seen it at recent Grand Prix tournaments. The coach, Piotr yto, lost patience with him after three races.

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Damien Paulisak – 1 His three starts in this competition should be considered experience in demanding situations because we remember that the track was turned upside down and re-arranged due to rain. Paulisak did not fight with rivals.

Piotr Protasiewicz – 2+. He showed moments when he saw the old spawn, for example in the 14th race, he chased the Vrocco pair for the first two rounds, a plus for that, but usually when he won, with the local juniors. Winning Waufinton was also a plus, because although the Englishman did not finish the race, it was not due to a defect, but he gave up riding.

Patrick Dudek – 4+. Lots of fighting, lots of noise and lots of wind. He was close to beating Janowski twice, but for the third time in the 15th race he was unable to do so. Until then, he has no point on the “i” in the form of racing wins.

Jacob Ozyska – 1 Tense and inactive in the youth movement. Only then, with every closed meter, did he seem to believe that the devil was not as terrible as he was painted. In this case, of course, it is the Vrosko Oval.

Nile Daft – 1 He started the junior race with enthusiasm because the second was behind Liska’s back. There were some discomforts after the first fold, he made a mistake and lost a good position. Then he fought hard to reach the final fort.

Mathews Tonder – 1 Paulisak got him a chance on a run, but he wasted it completely. First he broke the start, then he went safely to his first competitor, he did not believe he could take the fight with his competitors. Falubas’ coach probably did not want to ride in the volunteer because he was no longer assigned to fight.

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Grading Scale:
6 – Separate
5 – Very good
4 – Good
3 – Average
2 – Weak
1 – Very weak

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