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Liverpool - Burnley.  Conclusion and relationship.  The Reds have won and are leading the Premier League

Liverpool – Burnley. Conclusion and relationship. The Reds have won and are leading the Premier League

  • Burnley ended Liverpool’s four – year rule at Anfield last season. Sean Dyce found a way to do an impossible task
  • This time, in the second round of the Premier League, we saw a different host team. First, Virgil von Dijk ordered again
  • We watched a great show. The favorites won, but even in the final act of the game they may have missed a goal
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Before the match, Reds fans celebrated Andrew Divine, who died on July 29. The tragedy in Hillsborough changed a man’s life forever. The coroner ruled that the fan died as a result of the disaster 32 years ago. After being trampled on the field, he survived, but suffered permanent brain injury. He was in a coma for almost eight years. The official felt that the Liverpool supporter should line up with the other victims.

After the first whistle, the visiting players began to prove that they had not come to Anfield to defend themselves, as Sean Dies had said. The game went into high gear not because of The Reds, but because of Ashley Barnes and company. It only took a few minutes for Trent Alexander-Arnold to clear the ball from the goal line and save his side. Liverpool is not idle. In the first quarter of an hour, the game turned upside down – both teams played the way you would expect from their opponents. Guests passed and guests played together. The former had a measurable effect.

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Jர்கrgen Globe appointed Costas Simkas and Diego Jotta from the first minute. The Greek replaces Andrew Robertson, who returns after injury, as the Portuguese held the field at the expense of Roberto Firmino after a goal in the first round. There is no indication that this arrangement will change in the next match against Chelsea. In the 18th minute of the match, Simkas found Jotta with a shortcut, he made a perfect shot and opened the end of the match with his head.

Cole made the show even tougher. The ball continued to travel between the two penalty areas, scoring even one goal, but the referee whistled Salah’s offside position correctly. After the doubles in the first round, the Egyptians were two wins away from 100 goals in the Premier League. In situations where he could overcome or shoot, he seldom chose the first solution.

We didn’t see any goals in the first half, but still had 45 minutes to consider the most impressive. Minutes after the game resumed, Ashley Barnes followed in Salah’s footsteps and scored a goal unrecognized by the referee offside. It acted like rag to red. J குற்றச்சாrgen Klopp’s accusations, if they did not take the lead, could condemn themselves in a moment, so they launched a major offensive.

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Nick Pope, while standing on goal, was the most exciting player on the pitch. The Englishman, who usually assisted at least five of his colleagues, did everything they could to stop the Liverpool attacking trio. Salah, Mane and Jotta shot, but there was still something to their shots – sometimes accuracy, sometimes strength. It was like that until the 69th minute. Then Alexander-Arnold served for the Senegalese with a brilliant, cleverly cut ball, this time the striker was nothing but exhausted. He hit a half volley hard and bitter. 20 minutes before the end, he gave the team the peace they needed …

… This does not in any way mean a peaceful end. A few minutes later, Barnes, who was on every field on the pitch at the same time, wiped the ball off the goal line. Liverpool did not think to stop, the whole Anfield was still looking fast and good ball. They brought not only Salah and May, but also the end of Firmino and Diego Alcandara. However, the Brazilian and Spaniard did not give the Jurgen Globe the basis for the Chelsea blockbuster to give up the services of Diego Jotta and the very best Napi Kita.

Emotions lasted until the last act of the match – then Ashley Barnes did not take advantage of the turbulent situation. The LFC defense was high and Alison was the only one before the English. The Brazilian showed an excellent exit from the target and did a good job of attacking motives.

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We don’t see any more goals. Burnley beat Liverpool at home for the first time in four years, but Sean Tych’s players were unable to repeat the success of the previous season and had to recognize the superiority of the rushing hosts. The Reds won their second game and became the Premier League leader at least until the end of the following matches in the second round. Burnley’s mood was completely different. Clarets closes the league table if Brighton have no early defeat and no points against Liverpool.