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Godfall Challenger and Prison Engineer release today for free from the Epic Games Store

Godfall Challenger and Prison Engineer release today for free from the Epic Games Store

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December 9, 2021, 16:20

NS?? Two more games will be provided for free at 5 PM Poland time ?? Godfall Challenger Edition and prison engineer. Both products will be available for collection until December 16th.

[Aktualizacja] Godfall: Challenger Edition And prison engineer Available now for free on the Epic Games Store. Next week, a puzzle game will be released. (Maybe Shenmue III).

Last week, account holders on the Epic Games Store platform were given a chance to play the killer (or his victim) for free, start a deadly game of hide and seek in the Dead by Daylight multiplayer and test their strength as programmers while right: learn(). If you haven’t already, you can still receive your copies of these items by 5:00 PM. However, at a later time, according to previous announcements, it will be made available Godfall: Challenger Edition And prison engineer.

Godfall: Challenger Edition It is a cut-down version (free of a story campaign and offers only the so-called endgame in three modes: Lightbringer, Dreamstones and Ascended Tower of Trials) produced by the game studio Counterplay. It is an RPG that takes place in a fantasy world facing destruction. During the game, we play as a member of the rank of knights with semi-divine strength, who have to face hordes of enemies. The game is based on the style of robber shooters, that is, we travel through new locations, fight opponents, get better and better equipment and develop the hero.

Godfall Challenger Edition on the Epic Games Store

On the other hand prison engineer It is an economic strategy in which, as the title suggests, we can play the role of the warden of the prison. The scope of our in-game duties in this production includes expanding our facility, providing all security measures, hiring staff, receiving new inmates, taking care of their needs and making sure they don’t rebel. We must also not forget that the prison must earn for itself, so it will be necessary to build workplaces for criminals.

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Prison Architect on Epic Games Store

Both Godfall: Challenger Editionwhat or what prison engineer It will be available for pickup from the Epic Games Store until December 16th. So far, it is not officially known which production (or production) will be launched next. We will update this post as soon as it is officially announced. gossip However, they say that starting next week and ending on December 30th, users of this platform will be enjoying one new free game every day. The first is to be Shenmue III.

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