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D3D12: DirectX 12 Video Encoder API Coming Native to Windows 11

Microsoft continues to work on improving DirectX 12. Now the group has announced a new interface that is native to Windows 11. The new video codec API will gradually begin with support from various graphics cards.

DirectX 12 already provides APIs to support GPU acceleration for various video applications such as video decoding, video and motion processing, and now that is being expanded. according to Announcement from Microsoft in DevBlog The team is currently working on a new interface to complement existing interfaces. ”

We are pleased to announce that D3D12 has added a new video encoding feature to its existing video API families, with a new set of interfaces that enable developers to perform video encoding using GPU-accelerated video engines.”

By default in Windows 11

This feature provides a new way for applications to implement DirectX 12-compliant video encoding. The Video Encode API is included as standard in Windows 11 and can also be used via the DirectX 12 Agility SDK (version 1.700.10-Preview or higher). Microsoft has listed the manufacturer’s minimum hardware platform and driver version. AMD support is still in the works, for Intel and NVIDIA support is already on:


  • Radeon RX 5000 series or higher
  • Ryzen 2xxxx series or higher
  • Status: In development – possibly Q2 / 2022

Intel Corporation

  • tiger lake
  • ice lake
  • Lake Alder (from early 2022)
  • Status: Available from version


  • GeForce GTX 10xx and later
  • GeForce RTX 20xx and later
  • RTX board
  • Status: Available from version 471.41

The Video Encoding API enables video engines to use the GPU to perform video encoding according to standards set by DirectX 12. This means that third-party developers can also use this capability in their applications.

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