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Good Singers: The candidate is the daughter of a world famous singer مشهور

On Friday, July 16, TF1 broadcast a new episode of the show good singers. One of the candidates was especially famous for her talent, it must be said that she is the daughter of a world-famous singer …

Entertainment evening on TF1 on Friday 16th July. The channel was broadcasting a new number of its program good singersSubmitted by Gary. The concept is simple, many candidates come to sing and the detectives in the group have to find out if they are real or fake singers. after the results, The latter will reveal their true voice.

On Friday, singer Luanne was in attendance for the singers unveil alongside comedian Titov and singer Kinf. On the other team, there was Jeremy Frio at the helm, assisted by Laetitia Melott and Cartman. But the statements of Habib Florian Rossi a little upset Internet users: “She does a lot”, “I’m Going Crazy” and “I Can’t Stand Louane Anymore” We can read on Twitter.

But Luan isn’t the only one who got people talking about her. And indeed, viewers were dazzled by a singer who responds to the name Naama. Quickly, Louane’s team managed to unravel the mask of the great singer who was already hiding behind the run.

A performance that makes you speechless!

The least we can say is that they got it right. Thanks to a very special index, candidate good singers She had a way to hold her microphone. And the young woman seems to know how to do it. And for good reason, she’s the girl world famous singer ! at the end of his service, Nima revealed that she is the daughter of Natalie DesaiA famous French singer. Other details that got people talking, the young woman looks a lot like Barbara Braffy, the singer who finished second during this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with her title. Here. On Twitter, there were several comments on this topic:That’s me where you look like Barbara Braffy,” “I was shocked how much you look like Barbara Braffy”, “Wow, the resemblance is insane”. The start of a great career?

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