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Video: Martha Hegarida prefers friendship with Aceline Derbez than an affair with Mauricio Uchmann

Video: Martha Hegarida prefers friendship with Aceline Derbez than an affair with Mauricio Uchmann

One of the key elements that makes friendship unbeatable is undoubted loyalty, proof of which is the sincerity of Mexican actresses. Martha Higarida y Aceline Derbezwho have been viewed on social networks as best friends.

On this occasion Hegarida assured that Mauricio Uchmann would never be among his conquests, Because she considers this to be a great betrayal of Aiselen, the actress whom she considers one of her best friends.

During the latest broadcast of “De todo un mucho,” co-hosted by Amarte Duele star along with Yordi Rosado, they both dedicated themselves to answering random questions posed by the audience.

“If you tell me: It turns out that Aislin’s ex-husband, Mauricio Uchmann, would throw me the wave, no, no, I couldn’t,” The star said after being asked if she would ever have a relationship with someone who has previously dated someone close to her.

It wasn’t that the heroine of “No manches Frida” was wooed by the “Hazlo como hombre” star, but that her case was remembered as one of her closest.

“Moreover, I think he wouldn’t, but suppose, no, he couldn’t.”

Martha Higarida

on, Yordi Rosado joked about this situation by saying that after his interview with the actor on his YouTube channel, he told him that Martha looked like a very beautiful woman.Video: Martha Hegarida prefers her friendship with Aceline Derbez to an affair with Mauricio Uchmann which surprised the protagonist “Ninja Mal”, because such a revelation was not expected.

To this, Higarida said that he knows very well when his studio partner is lying, so he did not fall for the lie and laughed at the occurrence of former producer Otro Rollo.

during the conversation, The actress was proven by Yordi, who confirmed that in her last meeting she had a very good time with her boyfriend Louis Howes: “The last dinner we went to didn’t stop”Rosado said.

In this regard, Martha accepted what was said, but noted that it is only when she really loves a man and has a formal relationship with him.

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