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MET Gala 2022: So you can recreate Olivia Rodrigo’s fantasy makeup

MET Gala 2022: So you can recreate Olivia Rodrigo’s fantasy makeup

“I wanted thinner brows on Olivia for this look, so we brushed them up to make her look thinner, took Brow Flick and extended the brows to the outer corners.”

To complement the iridescent sheen of Olivia Versace’s dress, we used lavender and purple in a mix of Lidstar and Monochromes on the eye. We went for a smoky look on Olivia, we wanted her to look dreamy and ethereal. I started with an eye base of Lidstar, in lily, and added a blend of Monochromes in both heather and mist. To add to that extra golden ethereal drama, we added Lidstar, on the moon, to the center of the eyelid and under the brow arch, commented Lily Keys.

To make her purple eyes stand out even more, the expert used the soon-to-be-comed `glint’ white eyeliner. I put white liner along my upper lash line and at the inner corners of the eyes to help revive this mermaid-meets-rock-star goddess. It is not difficult to recreate it!

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Her rose bud-like lips also require no other steps to achieve. I started with a mixture of Ultralip, in a bun, cinder, kachet and trench, blending the lipstick on the lips, rubbing above the upper lip line with my fingers to give This is just a kisses look. To add an extra layer of mystical beauty with a rock star touch, I finished the lip look with Lidstar, in the moon, on her cupid’s bow,” concluded Keys.

Fan of the end result? We love her too! Now that we know how it’s really done, we won’t hesitate to test it out with the products we have at home. Are you joining the plan?

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