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Guillaume Musso, star of Le Mans Book Fair

This is the event this weekend on October 9 and 10 at Le Mans: The Book Fair.

Many people from this Saturday at the opening.

He was the star of the show clouds musu. A true rock star when we learn that some readers have waited more than four hours for a dedication from one of France’s bestselling authors.

Conference and signing session

During a Saturday afternoon at the Le Mans book fair, Guillaume Musso gave an almost hour-long lecture at the Théâtre des Quinconces about his work. Then he went to the signing session. A queue of about four hundred people was waiting for him. Signing started at 4:00 PM and some of his readers have been around since noon!

A successful author does not need trade fairs to sell, but he always finds richness in discussions with his readers.

I spend ten months of the year in prison and the two months that I meet readers are very enriching. Lots of people tell me about my characters


Over 300 people queue to attend the dedication of Guillaume Musso at Le Mans Book Fair © Radio France
Christelle Kaiu

He’s kind of my rock star

The organizers of the Le Mans book fair set up a private space for Guillaume Musso’s autograph session. He had a small tent behind the Quinconces Theatre. Barriers also had to be installed to prepare the readership queue. Readers can also purchase all of the author’s books while they wait.

Florian was the first to sign Guillaume Musso’s last book, “The Unknowns of the Seine”. He has been reading these books for about fifteen years and I had the pleasure of finally meeting his favorite author. Vanessa is also one of Guillaume Musso’s loyal readers. “I am so excited that I was able to meet him; I have read his books with passion for years. Some people will line up for hours to watch a concert, and I’m Guillaume Musso a bit like my own rock star! “

Guillaume Musso, upon arrival for the signing session at the Le Mans Book Fair
Guillaume Musso, upon arrival for the signing session at the Le Mans Book Fair © Radio France
Christelle Kaiu

A well-organized and timed signing session. The successful author left Le Mans at the end of the day. And for the record, he took five different pens to secure the signatures.

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