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HBC Nantes – Alberto Enterrrios: “If there is a team that can beat Paris, it could be ours”

We have proven in the past that we can defeat PSG and if we can give up the horses, it is possible to do it again.HBC Nantes hub launch, Dragan Pechmalbech. In an XXL room heated to white with over 10,000 spectators, H will rub shoulders with the undisputed master of the tournament, Tuesday eveningSolid leader and still undefeated this season. But Violet, Dolphin, DC club and strong of an eight-game unbeaten streak in StarLigue they have arguments to be made. “Nantes Paris became a classico. It has its date in the calendar, its room and its dateSays Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Jan Gente.

If the people of Nantes is the loser of “Final bit“From the Champions League in June, the last confrontation between the two teams, the men of Alberto Entrerios are able to wow their world. Their success 25-24 April in Paris, and PSG’s first league defeat since May 2019, and the first in Coubertin, against Nantes already, since 2017 is proof of that. Technician H firmly believes in another great deal. interview.

“We are in a good position to do something”

Are you surprised by the indomitable strength of PSG this season (12 games, 12 wins)?

Yes and no because it is a team that has a lot of individual and collective qualities and has not seen many changes for two years. Nor did she lose many players. So there are a lot of criteria and they know what handball they play. They did not lose quality en masse. The difference this season is that PSG don’t suffer much in the league. He wins his matches very easily and this allows him to run and be very calm. In the Champions League, there is one more thing, but it is normal for PSG to lose a few matches because, in their group, they have 3 or 4 teams among the favorites.

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Should we count on HBC Nantes to keep the suspense going in this tournament?

We are not thinking of emphasizing this Paris team in the standings. We especially want to keep this second place. We have our feet on the ground, and we understand that our goal is second place. It should allow us to play, for once, without this favorite tag in the game we’ve been wearing since the start of the season. We will not save energy because it is the last game of the tournament from the first leg and we will play in front of 10,000 spectators. We are well positioned to achieve this feat. If there is a team that can beat Paris, it may be ours even if the Parisians show superiority that must be admitted at the moment.

“The players know that if there is a bit of fatigue, they have to put it aside.”

Especially since Room XXL fared well in H against PSG (2 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat).

If there’s one team that can come to XXL and remain the favourite, it’s Paris. Then our audience will carry us and we’ll give just over 100% (sic) and try to limit the difference between the two numbers. But whatever happens, Paris doesn’t have absolute pressure coming here. They certainly have the pressure to be the favourites, in my opinion, but they don’t have the pressure to win.

How do you analyze the sports issues surrounding this meeting?

It’s a match that can allow us to give ourselves a nice Christmas gift because we know that beating PSG is not within everyone’s reach. Looking at the way we’ve played the last matches, We can handle a little less pressure than if we lost to Nimes or Chambery. We won this opportunity to play this meeting in a more liberal way and that can only be a positive. But to play with Paris without a good defensive withdrawal, it is not possible, if we want to be in the match it will be an important deal. Their quick play is really deadly.

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Does the sequence of meetings affect the look of your team?

We don’t train a lot and we play a lot. There is physical and mental stress from the sequence, but it’s still positive because we’ve done well, and mentally, we’ve done a lot of good. Since the international break in November, this team is no longer the same. Previously, there was a lot of hesitation and lack of calm, but we found the right way to approach the matches. Now we have to play three matches [un de championnat, une demi-finale de Coupe de la Ligue et une éventuelle finale, le 19 décembre, en cas de succès face à Montpellier, ndlr]. All players know this, and if there is a bit of a burnout, they should put it aside. They will be able to rest within a week.