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HSV defender Leistner is being sidelined and has to go

If all goes normally, there will be the next exit from HSV this week. It’s about Tony Listner. The former deputy captain and defensive coach doesn’t fit into Tim Walter’s playing system and is now supposed to leave because he can’t identify with the role as a substitute player and has thus recently become more of a disruptor than a supporter.

Last summer, Lesnar came to Hamburg as a mentality player and defense stabilizer. A strong duel, despite a few dropouts, quickly made its way into the hearts of many fans. But in terms of sports, there was ultimately not the success he had hoped for. Now a line should be drawn.

Leistner is still without HSV this season

It was clear from the start of the preparations that Lesnar would struggle with his playing style under new coach Walter. This has not changed. Walter is counting on the young talent of Jonas David. Although not a two-man fighter like Leistner, he fits better in his game system. The result: There was only room on the bench in the first few matches for Leistner. He said internally that he could not make friends with this role and was recently seen more and more often. In Millerntor’s losing derby, there should also have been a rowdy exchange of words with Walter in the dressing room.

There’s a buzz about Lesnar’s news on the internet

At the start of the week, HSV officials told Lesnar that dismissal was the best solution, as the impression was growing that Lesnar would put himself and his personal interests above the team. After the conversation, an entry on Instagram caused an uproar. A screenshot of the message exchange has been posted. HSV-Aus has been confirmed as Leistner. There were a few harsh words: “I don’t believe it either. But that’s the case when the club allows the coach to take them out of a plan and he doesn’t follow his own plan.”

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It was clarified from Defender’s environment that the screenshot is supposed to be fake. However, there was no public denial on the part of the 31-year-old.

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How are things going from here? It is very likely that Lesnar will no longer train at HSV. There are definitely more talks to come. The goal is a clean class. Or Lesnar will stay and submit himself entirely to the team from now on. It shouldn’t be caught off the farm either.

HSV is constantly based on football and Walter

The almost certain departure of the next former “column player” remains the consistent way of adapting the team to Walter’s ideas. This is certainly a risk if within a few months it turns out that this path also does not lead to the hoped-for success.