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Hundreds of migrants are pressing on the Polish border

“Extremely disturbing information from the border,” wrote Polish government spokesman Stanislaw Zarin. A large group of immigrants gathered, declare“They will try to get into Poland a lot,” he added.

According to the Polish chronicles, the “armed Belarusians” “control” the people. The Polish Defense Minister said in a radio interview that 12,000 soldiers were stationed to protect the borders from intrusion.

Earlier this year, EU countries accused Belarus of organizing people fleeing the union, especially from countries in the Middle East. Among other Polish border guards, they were in turn accused of treating migrants with extreme brutality.

According to EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson, Lukashenko’s regime may face even tighter restrictions as a result of the events.

– It is an ongoing discussion between the two foreign ministers under the leadership of the European Union’s external representative, Josep Borrell. I want to see stronger restrictions

hybrid attack

NATO considers it a military and political “hybrid attack” and condemns Belarus’ actions as “unacceptable”. A spokesman for the defense alliance said it was ready to help its allies “maintain security and safety in the region.”

Videos from the Belarusian opposition media company Nexta show hundreds of people carrying bags and walking along the road. One of the films was shot in Bruzgi, about one kilometer from the Polish border, the Kuznice crossing. Polish authorities also posted a video on Twitter showing groups of people huddled across the border seen from Poland.

Lithuania has now moved its troops to the borders with Poland and Belarus, according to the country’s interior minister. Migrants from Belarus had previously been taken to the border with Lithuania. The government is now discussing declaring a state of emergency at the border with Belarus, according to Interior Minister Agni Belutait, Reuters reports.

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refutes the accusations

Within the European Union, the view is that Belarus regulates this migration in response to the sanctions imposed on Minsk for its brutal suppression of dissent in Belarus. President Alexander Lukashenko, often called Europe’s last dictator, refutes these allegations.

But Elva Johansson has her image ready.

– I think it is important for the European Union to stand strong against Lukashenko, and we must not succumb to his life-threatening game with the people and his completely unacceptable aggression against the European Union.

The migrants asserted in the media that they had forced Belarus into the European Union, but then the European Union border guards forced them to return abruptly.

Hundreds of migrants are said to have gathered here on the eastern border of the European Union. Photo: Anders Humlebo / TT