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“I can’t! I’m the least brave girl on earth”

“I can’t! I’m the least brave girl on earth”

This Saturday, March 19, 2022, Julia Vignali And the Agathe Likaron Eric Dusart’s guests and good at We’re bringing back the TV. From Monday to Thursday, Julia participates in giving gifts Telematin In France 2 Thomas Soto. For her part, Agathe is responsible for Kindergarten Every day from 9:30 am

The program is also available in the book: Happy Parents Guide (First editions). A book that deals with all the topics of young parents, as in the show, with synthesis, expert advice, humor and the facilitators’ perspective.

This morning during the show, Giulia Vignali notably revealed refuse to participate in Boyar Castle. the reason ? She said, “I can’t! I’m the bravest girl on earth.”

The presenter gave His opinion on the media coverage of the couple With Kad Murad. As I paid Rants against online bullies on social networks.

Agathe Likaron, denied Rumors of wanting to leave the show nursery “I’m clinging to this show like a mussel to its rock,” she said with humor. “You’ll have to kick me out!” Finally, the host said more about her future shows: chef In France 2 and Side roads On France 3 … the full comments can be found and in the video above!

TV news for this week

Saturday, Germain Khayat Takes you behind the scenes of TV in partnership with Tele-Leisure ! In the list:

– Season 3 of Better at home On the M6 ​​with Stéphane Plaza …
– Christophe Dechavane in Captain Marlowe in France 2
– back Couch On TMC with Etienne Carbonnier (day to day) …

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More details in the video!

Télé-Loisirs . Decoder

Finally, every week in decoderediting Tele-Leisure It decrypts the small screen and reveals the secrets of making your favorite software. Today, Benjamin assistant It tells you all about it ultravioletthe new version of W9. More information in the video!