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Take Me Out: The Pietro Lombardi Candidate? The candidates are confused

Pietro Lombardi in March 2021 in the 100th episode

Pietro Lombardi in March 2021 in the 100th episode of “Love Island”. His bizarre double caused confusion in “Take Me Out”.

We can’t believe our eyes! On the March 19 episode of Take Me Out, the solo Calvin surprised everyone with a deceptive resemblance to pop singer Petro Lombardi.

Hey, is this real? Even when he sang Pietro Lombardi’s song “Just a Dance,” one or the other of the Bachelorette was amazed. The “Take Me Out” filter as art looks confusingly similar to a sweetheart.

“I am Calvin from Lubeck. I am very nervous,” the bus driver introduced himself. But the 30 unmarried women on the show with moderator Jan Coben don’t want to know anything about it. Rather than caring about the life of a young father, women seem to find his resemblance to DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi (29) more exciting.

In the current episode of RTLDating show “Take Me Out” provides candidate Calvin with plenty of excitement. New episodes of the show can already be watched in advance RTL + is being streamed.

“Take Me Out”: Pietro-Lombardi-Double at RTL-Datingshow

There’s no denying it: With his light gray jacket and loose-fitting hat, Calvin looks like his famous twin at first glance like one egg to the other.

However, the participants of the dating show seemed a little disappointed after his performance: “I don’t need a double, if I need it, I need the right person – I would have liked to pick it up,” single woman Daniela tells Calvin. “I didn’t get along at all, and then it was all the gossip because he wasn’t,” adds Marin, who seems to have been delighted with such a high-profile visit.

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In his first intro video, Calvin finally has his say and explains, “I like to turn myself into Pietro on the internet and many say I like him, but it’s actually more of a parody. I wrote a song called ‘Mach den Pie’ and I was surprised by the clicks and things like that. .”

On social media, the shopaholic uses his likeness to one or another well-intentioned joke about Lombardy. His said song peaked at YouTube 7000 views (as of March 16, 2022).

Candidate Steffi’s “Petro Lombardi version” does not seem to fit many of the women in the RTL programme. “Unfortunately, he’s not my type. I wouldn’t take the real Pietro Lombardi with me either. I also had to look twice”, confirms participant Sophia.

Mandy also has to agree with the majority opinion: “I really miss your character, that’s really too much for me,” she says, visibly confused by the disingenuous resemblance to the pop star. Completely amazed, Superintendent Jan Koppen laughs and protects his candidate: “I have a feeling that you have become a group of exorcists who want to drive Petro out of him.”

Only dating candidate Ella has a good word for the beloved YouTuber: “I loved parodies. At first I thought you just looked like that and didn’t match up with her at all, but I think it’s great when there are people out there doing matrimonial things and things like that.” (.. .) I know the amount of effort behind it, which is why I just want to appreciate it at this point.”

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Despite her sweet words, Ella also rings her bell in red while playing Calvin’s next song, Alla Pietro Lombardi. With his fame as a cardboard stand under his arm wanes, Calvin finally has to leave the show unaccompanied. (jxr)