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“I know how to judge my matches and see when I’m not good”

We are invited to answer questions from journalists this Thursday, Mehdi Kamara | Notably asked about his start to the season, which was considered disappointing compared to what he showed last year.

Realizing that this first part of the season is not the same as last season, Mehdi Kamara | He thinks I know where he’s coming from, regularity: “I think I had a good season last year thanks to my consistency which I have had a little less this season. I know how to judge my matches and I know when I’m not good.

It must be said that over the past few months, the former Greens captain has been oscillating a bit between midfield and an often vacant right-back position, which does not facilitate this quest for consistency:The middle remains my real position, it’s where I perform best even as a duty player, if I have to help do it. Yes, the midfielder has changed a lot, there are injuries, covid, it’s not easy to have a midfielder who plays together every week, we’ll see how he develops, however there are very good players in this game area.

However, the midfielder confirmed that he was not in physical condition: “I am 100% clear.

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