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‘I wanted to steal’: Cyril Linnac reveals two nominees for Pastry Chef cheated

The M6 ​​was launched on Thursday, June 23, 2022, the fifth season of Best Pastry Chef: The Professionals. During the trompe-l’oeil test, two candidates tried to deceive the jury members, but to no avail.

This Thursday, June 23, the channel launched the fifth season of Best Pastry Chef: The Professionals. Seven pairs of pastry professionals will compete this year. IThey passed in palaces, competed in prestigious competitions or were nominated by the great houses.

And by creating a network of chefs who follow the show’s business, the cast was able to put it together. The 14 nominees will be judged by Cyril Lignac and a new employee: Christelle Brua, pastry chef at Elysée and the first woman to be crowned as the world’s best restaurant pastry chef. In each event, both will be supported by a guest chef who will present the competitors with a challenge inspired by his world.

Two candidates trying to deceive the jury

During the trompe-l’oeil audition, two candidates tried to play the jury members. While the trompe l’oeil doesn’t quite look like the original potato, they decided to dip it in the dye to visually bring it closer to the pastry. Unfortunately for them, Chef Cyril Lignac randomly wanted to taste the potatoes and quickly exposed the deception. “This is the real potato?”asked Cyril Lignac, visibly surprised. Both candidates agreed immediately. In fact, I wanted to cheat.”The pastry chef continued, causing all the candidates to laugh.

Apparently some netizens on Twitter did not appreciate this deception attempt: “They tricked the potato team a little by dipping the real team in the dye,” “I’m not for potatoes, they cheated by covering real potatoes with snow, I find that a shame and a bit of a cheat”Isn’t it cheating to modify the original item to look like a fake?we can read on the social network. This violation of the rules would finally have exhausted the judges, who did not punish the candidates for the attempt, But they were not satisfied with their realization.

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Best Pastry Chef
Best Pastry Chef
Best Pastry Chef
Best Pastry Chef