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Gustavo Cerati: All the details of 14 live symphony episodes

Gustavo Cerati: All the details of 14 live symphony episodes

Attention fans of Gustavo Cerati. It is now available for the first time in digital platforms The symphonic version of the songLisa”, recorded by the artist during his historic concert at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, February 9, 2002.

This is the preview for an unreleased album titled 14 live symphony episodeswhich will be released in full in August.

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This is the recording of the performance with which the Argentine artist kicked off his historic premiere tour of the brand new album 11 symphonic episodes (edited in 2001), which Through the stages of six halls (eight shows) from some of the major cities in Latin America.

The anticipated material will add three new tracks/episodes that were not part of the original project, one of them in particular “Lisa (Symphonic Live)”.

Soda Stereo classics and Gustavo’s solo career, which shows all he has vocal talent In the style of a velvet singer, accompanied by an orchestra Cameras in the Americass, with arrangements and directions by Alejandro Teran.

The spirit of this tour was the risky artistic proposal involving orchestral orchestration, which was not very popular at the time for a famous rock musician’s repertoire, let alone heard here: only with his voice, without the band base or electric instruments.

Details of the video “Lisa (Symphony)

In addition to the sound rRegistered 20 years ago In the famous scenario of the Mexican Federal District, you can enjoy a new audiovisual content that adds value to the business: an extended realistic video specially designed to accompany the path in a different way.

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Depending on the device on which it is displayed, it provides the user A different immersive experience: From a mobile phone, it’s AR (Augmented Reality); From a computer, 360-degree video; And with Oculus glasses, it’s VR (virtual reality).

In order to achieve this XR video, Unreal Engine technology was used, with technology in which many pieces were created, modeled and drawn inside virtual reality helmets.

Scenarios that were developed for hern close connection with the song’s imagination: In Lisa’s case, a dreamlike journey through an underwater world suggested by the lyrics. Even many of the elements that we find animated in the video belong to Gustavo’s personal life.

11 symphonic rings, voice and orchestra

Gustavo Cerati album Recorded live at Teatro Avenida Buenos Aires, in August 2001. Only the musician sang, while the orchestra was led by Alejandro Terran – who also arranged the songs.

The material also came out on DVD in 2003, with four additional songs that weren’t on the CD and includes a “Behind the Scenes” section, With a documentary and extras.

In the song list, we find singles like his play with Soda Stereo. It is among the topics selected.