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Britney Spears: This is the astronomical sum that her mother Lynn demanded in court

A few months after receiving her guardianship raise, Britney Spears attacked her mother, Lynne Spears, who accused her of “ruining her life.” A message posted on Instagram and deleted, while his mother demands a massive amount.

Britney Spears Blame the real official. Last September, after years of legal battles, the American singer finally obtained the removal of guardianship from her, which her father Jamie had practiced for 13 years, who became her guardian after a violent depression, thus becoming the master of her every move. The last word in all of his actions. But as she prepares to turn the page on the affair and enjoy, more than ever, her love affair with her fiancé with Sam Asgari, she is eager to make A stinging focus on the role of her mother, Lynne SpearsIn this guardianship story.

“My father may have started guardianship 13 years ago… but what people don’t know, It was my mother who gave him the idea !!!! “, Britney Spears said on Instagram, in a now-deleted post, explaining that her mother had done it destroy a secret [sa] life. “I will never turn back those years”She added, while Lynne Spears on her part has just asked for a huge sum from her daughter, to have her lawyer involved in this guardianship case. And therefore , The singer’s mother is demanding $650,000 For its representatives in this case, reports the people, calling for involvement in this case to “Helping Britney break free from what she considered a very controlling existence”.

Lynne Spears involved in Britney’s life?

If she was reticent on the issue, Lynne Spears never missed an opportunity to be seen well with Britney’s fans who demanded her release, which according to her lawyer, “She entered this guardianship case to protect her daughter nearly three years ago.”. “She accomplished what she was going to do”, mentioned her representatives, who was also crushed by the representatives of her ex-husband. “Lynn has had only a limited role in Mrs. Spears’ life for the past thirteen years. She hasn’t had a parenting role in her life in decades.”And they reported it.

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