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Most Wanted Criminals on TF1: Did you meet Kellan Lutz, aka Emmett Cullen in Twilight? – News series on TV

Lucy Rip

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Passionate about soap operas from a young age, she watches everything, but she holds a special place in her heart for teen soap operas.

On Wednesday, July 14th at 9:05pm, TF1 broadcasts Most Wanted Criminals, a detective series created by Dick Wolf with Kellan Lutz. But what has happened to the actor since the end of Twilight?

In 2008, Twilight appeared on our screens, the first part of the teenage epic that hit the mark all over the world. In France, it attracted no less than 2.7 million viewers willing to discover the love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

If Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart received public recognition thanks to their roles, then Kellan Lutz, who played Emmett Cullen, had even more difficulties to part with the film.

On the occasion of tonight’s broadcast on TF1 of Most Wanted Criminals, in which he plays one of the main characters facing Julian McMahon, a look back at the actor’s career since the end of the Twilight saga.

Between 2008 and 2012 (when the last installment of Twilight was released), Kelan Lutz appeared in several series and movies such as 90210: New Generation and Freddy: The Claws of the Night. His role in the teen saga seems to stick with his skin, as the actor struggles to find a role that fits projects and ties them in without scale.

Kelan Lutz plays the main character in The Legend of Hercules, a movie that was released directly on DVD in France and managed to land the role of Smilee in the third installment of The Expendables. On this occasion, he gave a response to some of the most iconic actors of American cinema, but his participation does not have the desired effect on his career as he continues the Direct-to-DVD series.

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Thus Keelan plays Bruce Willis in Extract, before being cast in the futuristic film Osiris, Planet Nine. In 2019, the comedian won the role of Captain Fucktactic in the Netflix movie What Women Want.

That same year, CBS chose him to join Julian McMahon in the new crime series Dick Wolf’s Most Wanted, in which he plays Ken Crosby, a young FBI agent who excels at his job. With his two seasons on the clock, and a third season already in the tubes, this action action for the first time since the end of Twilight offers a leading role, and it’s the perfect opportunity for the actor to re-launch his career.

Find the first episodes of Most Wanted Criminals on Wednesday night from 9:05 PM on TF1.