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“Neighbors” paid tribute to Octavio Ocaña with a touching scene: “Fly High Benito”

“Neighbors” paid tribute to Octavio Ocaña with a touching scene: “Fly High Benito”

Among the tears, the actors dedicated a few words to him

A few months after his departure and with the imminent absence of his interpretation in the new season of NeighbourAnd the Octavio Ocaña received a very emotional tribute At the beginning of the delivery where the actor’s body for years Benito riversa role that earned him national fame and is still remembered by his fans to this day with great affection for the “angel” he owned.

On Sunday, March 27, it was broadcast stars He has already announced the honor according to the words of his producer Elia Solorio It was more than it deserved: “Today is a special day. We present the new season of #NeighboursVecinosoficial in the absence of Octavio Ocaña #Benito. There is a tribute on the programme. he deserves itHe wrote on his account Twitter.

In the scene, each actor says goodbye in his own way while justifying their absence: Benito He got a major role in a series outside the country, where he will play no more and no less than “Angel”. Eduardo España was responsible for consecrating the last words: “Beggar-nose-fly, we would not be the same without you, but You are now an angelOur angel… Fly high Benedictfly high Octavio will always be Benito‘, via the actor.

The cast dedicated some emotional words to him (Images: screenshots from Twitter)

The influencer scene is already prevalent on social networks and has not stopped being a trend on platforms like Twitter It started with a lot of comedy that slowly slowed down and took on a serious tone, because the actress Anna Bertha Espen Who is the Lorena Riversmother of Benito Within the series: “Son, I was waiting for your call, the neighbors already know and they all want to wish you good luck … I love you too, I couldn’t tell you the last time but I love you my love‘, the actress recalled with tears.

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Caesar Bono He was not far behind and like the popular director who lives from his memories in the movies, Frankie Rivershe stated his affection: “Benni Benito, yes, I know you didn’t want to be an actor, you didn’t want to dress up or listen to my texts, oh, you forgive me you damned kid… I just wanted to be a great actor like your dad.” Look at you now son, you are a big star’,” the actor added in the scene where they pretended to talk on the phone with Octavio Ocaña.

This is how Televisa kicked him out (Photo: Televisa)
This is how Televisa kicked him out (Photo: Televisa)

Other characters joined in dedicating brief lines in their farewell, being from Myrin Villanueva (Sylvita) Another of the most nominated: “Benito, we will think of you a lot This kid we saw grow up with so much love and who always made us smile“. Louis interpreted by Dario Ripoll He added, “Yes, bipolar, bald guy… Look, I just wanted to tell you that you were born with an angel and Now this angel’s wings have grown“, He expressed.

Paul Valentine And the first actress Hungary They also did their job with a touch of humor. “My head of marinated potatoes, nothing would be the same without you, now with whom am I going to play. We really miss you all too Rambo‘, male character Peter Waseet to finish Magdalena Lopez Perez: “Benito on behalf of the prestigious and wealthy family… We will always hold you in our hearts.”

The actor received honors for his character from "Benito"(Photos: Televisa)
The actor received a tribute for his character ‘Benito’ (Images: Televisa)

Before the premiere of the eighth season of the series NeighbourBertha Ocana, sister of the late actor Octavio Ocana, released an emotional message calling on her followers not to miss the first chapter of the series’ production. Televisa: “So the networks a little bit ahead of the new season of Neighbour. We are more proud than ever of Octavio. He shone on earth as much as now shone in the sky, thank you for making him so immortal in this life“.

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