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Matt Pokora and Christina Milian at the 31st Academy Awards, the couple caused a sensation on the red carpet

Matt Pokora and Christina Milian at the 31st Academy Awards, the couple caused a sensation on the red carpet

The couple was at the hottest party of the year! This Sunday evening, while the Oscars were being held in Los Angeles, Matt Pokora He and his partner, American actress Christina Milian, gathered at the home of British singer Elton John to watch the awards ceremony among many other VIPs.

And we can say that in terms of appearance, they leave nothing to chance! In fact, the 40-year-old singer and actress chose a white dress with a sheer bust, with a thigh-high split skirt and a sheer train. Perched on silver pumps, she was resplendent.

Her husband, too, was cutting everything he could! Mr. Pokora had opted for pants and a black shirt with a white and black jacket. Very sexy, he stood with his wife on the red carpet. This person, somewhat proud, also photographed him throughout the evening in a story on Instagram, commenting below the video “sexy date“…

Since their meeting in August 2017, Matt Pokora and Christina Milian are completely inseparable. They both live with the American’s eldest daughter, Violet, who was born of a first union but the singer considered her his daughter from the start. They then welcomed two young children, Isaiah in 2020 and Kenna in 2021, to form a wonderful blended family.

And when it is not the singer who accompanies his wife on elegant Hollywood evenings, it is she who comes with him to France: she is recruited to play in a play, and Mr. Pokora had to spend a few weeks in Paris at the end of last year. Don’t worry about his family who came with him. The opportunity for young Violet and her mother to practice a little French, the ones who don’t speak Molière’s language much. Little boys already speak two languages!

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As a reminder, the Oscars was held on Sunday night in front of a star-studded house. If it was Jessica Chastain who won the bust for Best Actress and kuda It was Will Smith who got people talking rather about him: the Oscar for Best Actor, who played the father of the Williams sisters in movies, went up on stage during the evening to slap presenter Chris Rock, after a deemed inappropriate joke on his earnest wife.