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“En corps”, a story of dance and renaissance



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Jaggett, F. Basil, B. Krabulite, in Hoon – France 3

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In his latest film, Cedric Clapish tells us about the journey of Elise Gauthier, a dancer who was injured during a performance and will have to delve deeper into herself and through encounters to try to rebuild.

Spotlight, Marion Barbeau you know them well. The first dancer at the Paris Opera, she secretly dreamed of making films. You didn’t have to be superstitious to accept this role of a mirror, that of a seriously injured dancer. On the roof of the Chatelet Theater in Paris, one of the filming locations, 19/20 asked her if she was ready for that danger. “If we get really hurt and are told the next day we can’t dance anymore, I don’t think anyone is ready for that. My colleagues and I are not afraid of it, we try to prevent the injury”she explained.

By searching its way, you will find the path of other dancers. The film explores its renaissance and highlights all types of dance: contemporary dance, hip-hop and of course classical dance. Not many viewers know they like itt dance. (…) I try to have a popular side of a world I don’t know very well”As Cedric Klapish, director of “En corps,” says. Five-star cast, lots of humor and lightness: many reasons to run to see this movie.