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TRAIL: Candidates win and break records in the Trail de la Cité de Pierre

TRAIL: Candidates win and break records in the Trail de la Cité de Pierre

Sports The Trail de la Cité de Pierres made its verdict and the two main candidates won the event in the women’s and men’s 31km races on Sunday. Nicholas Martin, who was the 2016 men’s and Blanden l’Hirondel world champion, also broke the 2019 world champion records for the event.
Great natural setting on Causse Noir, Gorges de la Dourbie and Larzac, radiant weather even a little warm according to competitors, everything was for a great event.
This morning, just before 10am, the 520 runners departed for the heart of the pine forest and devastated rocks at the Cité de Pierre for nearly 2.5 hours of effort for the best and 6 hours for the teams.

  • Nicholas Martin beat the event record at 2h26:31 followed by Alexandre Millau at 2h29’31 and his brother Quentin Millau who completed the men’s podium in 2h30m44sec
  • He also scored among Ladies Blandin l’Hirondel who improved her time for 2021 at 2h43’36” followed by Mathilde Sanez at 2h55’10” and Jennifer Lemoine at 3h01’39”

find them The full results for Stone City tracks are here

Women's podium
Jennifer Lemoine (third) and Blandin for Hirondel and Matilde Sanez (second)
2022 men's podium
Quentin Millau (third), Nicholas Martin, Alexandre Millau (second)

Find videos of the event at He lives »At various crossing points this morning on our website Facebook page

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