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‘I went to throw up’: Jose Garcia’s unexpected reaction when he found himself out in the truth if you lie 2 (ZAPTV)

guest on a group of 8:30 pm on SundayIn France 2, on June 26, Jose Garcia returned to the success of the film set The truth if I lie! He revealed the unexpected reaction he had when he discovered himself in the second installment.

The audience discovered him on TV, in the program nowhere elseWith Antoine de Couns in the early 1990s. It’s in the cinema, with The truth if I lie (1997), by Thomas Gelo, whom José Garcia knew dedication. “Overnight, you become what’s called finance”Analyze in the program 8:30 pm on Sundayin France 2, Sunday, June 26, explaining that role proposals have doubled after the first part was released: Previously, I was either too young, too fat, or too tallAnd suddenly, if I want to play with a donkey, I can play with a donkey.” In addition, he was offered various roles: “Fortunately, after that, author films also arrived. And since the success was there, I could make author films as well as comedies.”

Jose Garcia is annoyed by his picture in The truth if I lie : “I went to throw up because it was too much”

However, Jose Garcia was not very comfortable with the character of Serge Benamo who brought him success. “He’s an extreme personality”, He analyzed it, adding that, physically, he didn’t like it: I was a fat pig. “ And when the second part of The truth if I lie (2001), the actor simply could not see himself in the picture. I went out, went to the bathroom, and went to vomit, because it was a lot, revealed by Jose Garcia to Laurent Dillahous. Before explaining: “It’s been me and at the same time to the extremes. There are times when you become semi-afraid of the outdoors where you have a very strong impulse to be in the spotlight.” It took a while to get used to the light.

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