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Le Dîner de cons: This famous actor who actually participated in these meals

A cult comedy we know all copies of, fools dinner Rebroadcast June 26 on TF1. An opportunity to enjoy his irresistible scenes that already existed of an actor well known to the general public.

Mr. Pignon is cute”, so cute that channels never tire of broadcasting his adventures every year. On Sunday, June 26th, TF1 got the rights to review the lines of this cult hit comedy with its viewers, rewarded with three Caesars and huge box office success. Guarantee Having a good time in the company of Jacques Villier and Thierry Lermitt, although the latter retains a mixed memory of the shooting.”it was hard. Because Francis Weber wanted to hear what he wrote. I was not used to this. I suffered a lot but I learned a lot‘, assigned to France 5 Popeye skin tanning processirresistible in his character to Pierre Prochant.

This glorious atmosphere, never lived by Thierry Lermitt, as the director did At first I thought of Claude Brasseur To personify the Parisian diffuser, fixed by lumbago, before retracting. However, Alexander’s father knew very well how this role worked, it was he who took part in these strange meetings … on the wrong side of the table. Because these dumb dinners were already in the Castel, the legendary Parisian restaurant in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. Francis Weber had learned it from the mouth of Jack Martin, with whom he often participated.

Claude Brasseur inexhaustible in Paris Dakar

Claude Brasseur asserted a little later that it was this guest who had been forced to speak better to make fun of his sometimes unusual passion. For François Pinon, matchstick sculptures were for an actor camping It was the most famous rally race. His friends then confessed to him. That was the time he was doing the Paris-Dakar, you just had to plug it in, and he’s no longer off topic”Francis Weber said. Only once, but once too much…

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