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“If I had gone to the posts, I would have won this event for the third time,” says Jade.

She was the last woman still working Koh Lanta, the legend, but his journey ended before he reached home. Jade was eliminated during a directing test broadcast this Tuesday on TF1 that saw Ugo, Claude and Laurent qualify for publications. The 39-year-old adventurer who won the season palawan In 2007, it ranked second The return of the heroes In 2009, this time must be satisfied with a place at the foot of the podium.

Are you the type to tell yourself you had a good trip or do you regret not making it to the end?

I still regret not going to the posts. I knew that if I had gone to the posts, I would have won this event for the third time. I’ve mastered the art of staying on stake.

However, you have a very good record. You in particular are the “Koh-Lanta” nominee with the most single wins in all entries combined…

Of course, I am convinced that Dennis never legitimized me. I’ve never heard the phrase “Jade, the adventurers have decided to eliminate you.” Punishment is irreversible. I didn’t know this tension before.

How do you look back on your career?

This season, I feel like I didn’t participate in it. I didn’t do well enough in the events. I was more emotional than I was in 2007 or 2009. I suffered from the boys’ match. Even if I made alliances with some, I had no control over the game, and I could be proud of my career, but I wish I could win three times in publications. This test was done for me.

Do we regret that the alliance between women was not really able to take shape?

We wanted to do a good job by forming an alliance between the girls. But we didn’t trust each other enough. It was very difficult to create an atmosphere of trust, we did not know each other. The boys were more united due to certain friendships. They didn’t have to say they were forming an alliance, but that went without saying.

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You say you’ve been emotional this season. I badly experienced some strategic setbacks on the boards…

completely. The greatest sadness I ever felt in my three countries Koh Lanta Taken together, it is Namdia’s departure. He is an exceptional and brave boy. He had a very healthy outlook on the game. Wasn’t a fan of twisty hits. He had the righteousness that suits me. I felt responsible for his leaving, I didn’t see the other girls set this trap to get him out. At the time, I wondered if I would find the strength to continue with people who are capable of anything. I didn’t know if I could face this. You have finally succeeded.

If you were offered to go to a fourth “Koh-Lanta”, would you say yes?

No, no, no, that’s it, it’s over! I’ve been to the end three times, what do you want me to do? Take out the stick to make me hit for the fourth time? I went through all the feelings in the three seasons I lived in. In the first two, I was only in winning and in the third, I was more in passion, getting closer to adventurers. I tasted victory, now I know what defeat is. I leave room for young people, Sam, Loïc… they still have a lot to prove.