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Iga Świątek showed his strength in Adelaide! Laila Fernandez demolished by a Polish woman!

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Iga Świątek showed great strength in Adelaide! Laila Fernandez demolished by a Polish woman!

Iga Świątek The result of today’s match in Adelaide. Iga Świątek defeated Leyla Fernandez 6:1, 6:2 in the second round of the WTA Championships in Adelaide in impressive style. The 20-year-old Canadian reached the US Open final and initially set a high bar for Poland, but then Iga Świątek dominated the field, playing with great power and effectiveness. – I was a little nervous, because I don’t often play with girls younger than me – said 21-year-old Ega Švetik, right after the last ball. In the next round, he will play against Victoria Azarenka or Priscilla Hon. Below is our live report and the result of today’s Świątek – Fernandez match.


Iga Świątek – Leila Fernandez

the end! Jewel, Kit, and Christmas IGA MATCH. The fifth match ball has already been used! Iga Świątek showed his strength and defeated Canada’s Leyla Fernandez 6:1, 6:2, who reached the US Open final last year.

40-15 after ace Iga service. Another match balls!

Fernandez gem. The Polish woman was leading 40-0. She had three match balls, but the Canadian defended her elegantly. After the match in her favour, she defended her claim

Another balance. Crowded gem. Lily jumped to fight

40-40 Canadian does not throw her arms

40-0 after a great comeback from a Polish lady. Three balls match!

Świątek jewel. Another show of strength performed by a Polish woman. Jewel won to zero

Beautiful lube of Polish women and 40-30. There is a stopping point

Świątek jewel. Excellent Polish services and exchanges completed quickly. Gem “dry” won – quickly and to zero! Great Iga to watch today

Gem Świątek BREAK. Polish women are now completely returnable. It built a 40-0 advantage. The Canadian made a double fault on duty under pressure at the first stop. Jewel is beat by Iga to zero

40-0 Polka has three stopping points!

Świątek jewel. The Polish woman finished him with service papers. and won 15

Fernandez gem. The Canadian is trying to go faster and is now playing very effectively and efficiently. The Polish player fought but sender Fernandez won the match with 30 points

The beginning of the second group. Fernandez serves

Gem and IGA Christmas Collection. In the end, the jewel is won to zero and the battle cry “DRIVE!!!”. Iga Świątek plays a great role. The start was up. Then our tennis player played better and better. Fernandez dominated

What a Polish job! 40-0. Put the balls!

Gem Świątek BREAK. Iga again breaks the Canadian app, which plays more and more nervously. The Polish woman now flashes into a defensive game. Finally, Fernandez’s fault

Iga has a chance to break again

Świątek jewel. Iga plays better and better. Now I defended the site quite easily. Plays powerfully and reliably. Finally, I hit a beautiful backhand over the net in a tricky situation.

Gem Świątek BREAK. This gem worked well from the start. The Polish woman has already used the first stop. Beautiful backhand streak. Rival caught on the rush

15-40 for a Polish woman. There are breakpoints and more

Świątek jewel. Iga lost the first exchange, but then it served well and took the lead. With a 40-30 lead, our tennis player is good again

Fernandez gem. Very long and fierce gem. The Polish woman had two stopping points, but the Canadian showed separation at critical moments. defended the request. High level of the match. 20 minutes behind us and only two games left

Iga’s great work is a stopping point

40-40 other gems for advantage

Świątek jewel. The Polish defended her claim after the match in her favour. Fierce match at first. Iga was leading 40-15 after a series of great hits, but then Fernandes came out on top. Finally, two winning services for our tennis player

40-40 women will fight for advantages

Grams! Serves Iga Świątek

The ladies are already starting to warm up

He represented Ega Švetik and Lila Fernandez on the court!

Overcast weather in Adelaide today. Shower announced

Iga Świątek is a favorite among bookmakers. The odds of betting on her winning are 1.55 .

Welcome to our live coverage of the Iga Świątek – Leylah Fernandez match in the second round of the WTA Tour Championships in Adelaide. The meeting starts at 1.30 am Poland time

Świątek – Fernandez LIVE Report LIVE WTA RESULT Adelaide ONLINE

Today at 1.30am PST, Iga Świątek will play in the second round of the WTA Championships in Adelaide, and her opponent will be Canadian Leylah Fernandez (No. 24), who reached the finals of the US Open last year. The Polish woman is a favorite among bookmakers, but she will definitely have a tough match. Iga Świątek in the first match of the new season defeated Australian Daria Savile (No. 421), better known as Daria Gavrilova (recently married and changed her name), 6:3, 6:3. In Adelaide, Polka defends the title, the championship was for Iga Świątek and the fencing was With Daria Saville an important test for her before the Australian Open. I feel great in Adelaide. I love this place. It’s very quiet here so it’s a great location to start the season. I know it’s hard to relax in the tournament, said Iga Świątek, but the atmosphere here is so nice that I feel like I’m resting after a difficult preparation period.


Iga Świątek started the season with a victory, and immediately after the match she also boasted of her success as a rookie driver. – You have finally passed your driving test! Our Top Tennis Player (#9 WTA) revealed after advancing to the second round of the WTA Tour Championships in Adelaide. Iga Świątek has already earned nearly 20 million PLN (US$4.86 million) on the field, but so far she has only been able to travel by car. Now that will change. – I think I’ll be a good driver. I feel confident behind the wheel and I enjoy it. A driver’s license has been my goal for a long time, but because of the pandemic and my high school diploma, I’ve only now been able to do well — Świątek said a month ago, answering the “SE” question about getting behind the wheel. At the end of the winter break, the starter finally achieved its goal.

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Świątek – Fernandez Match RESULT TODAY Iga Świątek LIVE ONLINE

Iga Świątek and Canadian Leylah Fernandez have been training together for a few days and had a nice chat. Now they will play an official match for the first time. Leila Fernandez kicked off her performance in Adelaide with a 6:3, 6:4 victory over Russia’s Ekaterina Alexandrua. The 20-year-old wants to follow up on the blow after an impressive performance at the US Open in New York this season. A tough match with a demanding opponent before Iga Świątek. A Polish woman changed her coach a month ago. Now her coach is Tomasz Wiktorowski, the former coach of Agnieszka Radwańska. – We get to know each other all the time, because in Poland we trained together for three weeks, which is not so much. Sure, it’s a little different in tournaments, because there are other factors like stress and things like that. We talk a lot about tennis, even about things off the court. I get the impression that I need time to build this relationship. We’ll see how it goes, said Iga Świątek.

Świątek – Fernandez Live Report WTA Adelajda Iga Świątek Score Today

Iga Šwijk will play a second round match on Thursday, January 6th, against Canada’s Leela Fernandez. The start of the Świątek – Fernandez match at 1.30 am Poland time. The portal invites you to live coverage.