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PlusLiga: Trefl Gdańsk – GKS Katowice. Live coverage and score

Trefl Gdańsk and GKS Katowice will play in Round 14 of PlusLiga. In the last five matches between these two teams, the tiebreaker has been the winner four times. Will it be this time? Live coverage and score from 20:30 on

The matches between Gdansk and Katowice have been very interesting in recent years. Michael Winarsky, who coaches Trefl, recalls that GieKS is an uncomfortable opponent for his team.

We always had a hard time playing with Katowice. Games are usually solved in five groups, so we are ready for a fierce battle. I think PlusLiga shows how equal it is every round, and we’ll definitely be hungry for a second game tomorrow to defeat the first. We will do everything we can to start this rematch in the best possible way – says Weinarski.

Both teams have so far had 4 victories and 8 defeats, but in the table there are more points for Trefl – 13. In turn, the volleyball players trained by Grzegorz Słaby reached 11 points. Their most important goal in the next part of the season is to score as many points as possible and secure a safe place in the PlusLiga table.

– When you take into account all the circumstances and the problems we faced, this is a really good result. We have a safe advantage over the last team in the table and we are still counting in our fight for the eight. Everything will be decided in the rematch – says Jakub Bochenek, director of the volleyball department of GKS Katowice.

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Live coverage and score from 20:30 on

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