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Iga Swiatek’s new coach describes it in one word. He is not playing diplomacy. tennis

Iga Świątek starts 2022 with the WTA 500 Championships in Adelaide. On the night of Monday to Tuesday Poland time (3:30) he will play with Daria Savil. Iga is ranked fifth and is defending the title she won in February. Then Piotr Sierzputowski led it.

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Why did Iga Świątek change coach? A thoughtful but risky decision.

In December, after more than five years of cooperation, ¦wi±tek decided to leave Coach. A few days later, it was announced that Thomas Wiktorovsky became her temporary coach. Under his leadership, Agnieszka Radwańska has been one of the best tennis players in the world for several years. They got together, incl. To the Wimbledon final and won the Masters Championship. We ask the coach what he wants to achieve with Iga. And above all, how much time does he have for that.

Iga Świątek revealed the reasons for leaving the coach. “a lot happened”

The coach is still temporary?

– A trip to Australia was included in the temporary concept – says Wiktorowski when we try to find out if he became the permanent IGA coach before leaving the temporary coach.

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However, we hear that the people helping Swiatek’s career are not looking for a new coach for her. The Adelaide tennis player herself said at a press conference that working with Wiktorowski was her best option so far.

– I think that in a year or two I will be ready to cooperate with a foreign coach. Now I wanted to work with someone from Poland who understood my situation and spoke the same language. I am very glad that Tomasz was free – your lips explained.

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“Iga Świątek has amazing tennis”

Wiktorowski is also happy with this challenge. As a TV expert and commentator, he admired Iga Świątek tennis. “She has amazing tennis,” – he said in an interview with, when Iga went to win Roland Garros.

– I think the word “amazing” describes Iga’s abilities well – the coach tells us now. After three weeks of training with Iga, she adds, “I’ve watched most of her matches over the past two years. I can’t say I was surprised by anything plus or minus, but I am very impressed with the dynamics that characterize Iga’s tennis. From a screen perspective, you can’t see this element well. “

Iga your lipsIga Świątek’s ambitious plans. A clear comment before the first start

“There are no dreams, there are only realistic goals. Win”

Speaking of the potential of his new player, Wiktorowski does not play with the diplomacy that coaches often resort to. When asked if he dreams about Iga’s victories now, in Australia, during their first trip together, he replied: “I think working with a tennis player like Iga has no dreams, only real goals. We always go to the tournament to win it. Will you succeed? I don’t know, But we will do everything we can to make it happen.”

The coach admits that leading IGA is an honor, a great challenge and at the same time a lot of pressure. When it was announced that Wiktorowski was coach of Świątek, it was widely said that Iga had found the best specialist in Poland. Thus, there were expectations that she would play even better than in the last successful season.

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The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself. And when it comes to expectations, I’m not surprised they are huge. Success in Paris certainly aroused appetite – Wiktorovsky comments.

“Sometimes I make decisions on my own”

For him and Iga, the first journey together – as Iga mentioned – is a time for building relationships. Training In the period before Christmas in Warsaw, it was difficult to find time to talk about topics other than sports – says Wiktorowski. At the time, your lips wrote in her social media that she was only eating and sleeping and Game Tennis. “Now, in Australia, we have more time to talk,” the coach says.

Iga Świątek before Maria Sakkari match in the WTA Finals and Iga Świątek after defeating Paula Badosa at the Olympic Games in TokyoDo Iga Świątek rap? “Iga doesn’t pretend he doesn’t exist.” Psychologist Daria Abramovich about working on the head of a tennis player

Wiktorowski joined the task force, which until recently was headed by Serzbotovsky. Together with him, Maciej Ryszczuk, physical preparation coach, and psychologist Daria Abramovich, takes care of the tennis player’s figure.

How does Wiktorowski fit into the Świątek team? Is he rather a strong boss or a business partner for everyone? – In this job, you must be able to work in different styles. Sometimes there is room for joint decisions, and sometimes I make it up to one man. It does not matter who I work – the coach replies.

‘There is no point in comparing’

Wiktorovsky realizes that he will often be asked to say with whom and how he worked. Iga Świątek has been compared to Agnieszka Radwańska many times. It’s natural, because although the tennis players are completely different, Iga strongly noted the success of Agnieszka at the beginning of her career.

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Australian Tennis CupUnexpected problems from Hubert Hurkacz. It was on the verge of a dramatic failure

– Agnieszka first of all compulsory errors and added a number of points won directly. Iga is a player who compels defense, wins a lot of points herself, and has great ratios between winners and easy fouls, which shows how aggressive tennis can be. That is why you can not compare these girls – Wiktorovsky once explained to us.

Now she says, “I think it makes no sense to compare tennis players with different physical conditions, to play completely different styles, to compete with other opponents. They probably have the most similar names: Iga and Aga.”