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Impressive scenes in the World Cup. A warm welcome to the Ukrainians

These were emotional moments. Oleksandr Nazarov and Maxim Nikitin received a warm welcome from the audience after their performance at the World Figure Skating Championships.

David Frank

Oleksandr Nazarov and Maxim Nikitin

PAP / EPA / Pictured: Oleksandr Nazarov and Maxim Nikitin

The World Speed ​​Skating Championships are held in Montpellier, France. During the competition, Oleksandr Nazarov and Maxim Nikitin presented themselves in the colors of Ukraine. The result relegated to the background. The most important thing was the fact that the Ukrainian couple played the championship at all.

After the performance, Nazarov and Nikitin did not hide their tears and emotions. The audience was lovely, and gave them a warm welcome. The applause emphasized the importance of this performance.

Many fans held Ukrainian flags in their hands, showing their solidarity with the country invaded by Russia.

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For us, it’s not just a contest. This is something more important – said Nazarov, coming from Kharkiv, after the competition. – We saw tanks and heard gunshots. My house has no windows anymore. Running to the shelter with your baby in your arms is horrible. She added a moment later, I don’t want anyone to go through this.

– The most important thing is to tell the truth about what is happening in Ukraine. I hope this helps the insecure people in Ukraine at the moment. They are still in danger and are losing their homes. I hope we can help everyone in the world understand what’s really going on because we’ve seen it. We were in Ukraine only six days ago, said Nikitin.

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The performance of the Ukrainian couple can be seen in the video below. Starting from: 2:58.00.

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