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Intel Core i5-1250P in tests.  The chip is surprising with its high efficiency

Intel Core i5-1250P in tests. The chip is surprising with its high efficiency

Intel Core i5-1250P It was found in the benchmarking database of Geekbench and immediately showed what it can do. This is a series of portable processors Alder Lake – B, ie, ultrabooks units. For this reason, its TDP is relatively low and only 28W of data taken directly from the measurement records, we also know that its base clock is 2.1GHz, and the boost clock can reach 4.4GHz.

In the specifications that were revealed we read that the processor Contains 12 cores and 16 threadsThat is, it is a hybrid system. This configuration tells us that on the board we will find 4 large (performance) and 8 small (effective) cores. The system was led by the MSI Prestive 14 A12SC laptop, which instead belongs to a series of business devices. Therefore, it is crucial to appreciate that the Core i5-1250P fared better than the Core i7-11800H, which is designed for gaming and high-performance laptops.

Core i5-1250P uzyskał 1611 points In one subject test and 8789 points In the multithreaded test. For comparison, the i7-11800H can boast 1,467 and 7,933 points, respectively. So it seems that Intel has prepared a really great chip, which in its class may simply not be a competition. From a user’s point of view, it will also be important that Alder Lake-P systems also feature very powerful Intel Xe graphics, so you’ll probably eventually be able to play newer games on Ultrabooks without any issues.

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