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Is it fun Michelle and Nico go out with Hana who was abandoned.

Is it fun Michelle and Nico go out with Hana who was abandoned.

Hannah Kirschbaumer (28) has in the past pleaded Bachelor Nico Grisert (30) court. He could not decide who to marry. Although before Berlin, she receded shortly before home appointments. Instead, Nico’s relationship problems continued, and after much back and forth, he settled on Michele de Ross as his current girlfriend after the show. But this scene should make viewers of The Bachelor think again: Nico was spotted with Hannah and Michelle in Berlin.

There is clearly no animosity between the Outcast and the former Rosencavalerian. Nico even visited Hana recently with his girlfriend Michelle in Berlin. The influencer has long since gotten past the rejection, writing in an Instagram story: “I’m really happy for Michelle and Nico.” They are the most amazing couple.” Later, the single lady posted some souvenir photos of Niko enjoying a kebab together.

While Hannah, Michelle and Nico have formed a harmonious trio on their adventure in DC, former co-star Stevie Stark (26) has called the male cause of the moment because of Nico. The candidate, who was suddenly replaced by Michelle, recently stated that she could not imagine friendship with a man who broke her heart.

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