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“Island of Seduction” – Fabio admits to having an erection after a kissing session

Fabio de Pasquale speaks clear language! The Temptation Island candidate actually wanted to prove to his partner Marlesa that he could still be loyal to her – but seducers don’t make it easy for the SixxPaxx coach. So Luisa Crabman delivered it Sherine Mauch Hot show of a muscular man with wild kisses on his bed – a true test for a lover. In an interview with Promiflash gave Fabio Now to: The performance made him get an erection!

Already during the show she had one girl Shereen Note: “He had a bulge in his pants.” This is certain Fabio Now also in an interview with Promiflash. Come on, honestly. What man wouldn’t get an erection if she kissed two sexy women in front of one? “A fitness lover justified himself. In particular in Shereen Playboy found favor, revealing: “It might be the most dangerous thing for me Shereen Because visually she is exactly the type of woman that I choose. “

That was, too Fabius Marlisa’s friend first met her while introducing the seductress. “Unfortunately, I immediately know that one of them is Fabius Type “, I’ve already noticed at this point – her partner is really a brunette, very skinny and tattooed

All information on “Experience Island – An Experience in Heaven” at TVNOW.

Fabio de Pascual and the Seducers of the Island of Seduction
Marlisa and Fabio, a couple at Experience Island 2021
Sherine Mauch, Teaser on Experience Island 2021
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