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Justin Bieber gives his fans a virtual live show from The City of Light

The 27-year-old singer has moved from high ceiling to ruined rooms at a Parisian hotel, and made a show between heaven and earth live from the capital, on the occasion of the release of his album. justice Last March.

Against the black background of the computer screen, minutes pass while waiting for Justin Bieber’s live broadcast to open. To celebrate the release of his new album, justiceReleased on March 19, the 27-year-old American star brought together The believers »About a free virtual concert, only 15 minutes long, with live from Al Noor City at 1am local time. Baptized by nature Direct from Paris, The show took over the Parisian Le Crillon, located in the 8th arrondissement, to “Five amazing shows. “

A few seconds before the launch, there are nearly 60,000 Internet users connected across the world in a state of interest. “Hello from Italy », Launches one of them. “Hello from Mexico», Adds another. “I love you, Justin», Another slide. Without a transition, Justin Bieber finally appears on the rooftop of the luxury facility overlooking the capital. In the background, we can see the Iron Lady, the victorious, as well as a flag of the colors of France installed among her musicians. A pink hood pinned on the head and the tattoo reaches the neck, translated. Child »The first verse begins from Clings, Is the headline for his new work, which has collected over 126 billion plays on Spotify.

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The child star has grown up

A few weeks ago, model Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber’s wife, said she was happy to see her husband turn into a man. More mature and stable », In a video he posted on his Instagram account. In the ethereal setting for this live broadcast, Justin Bieber has already ditched his high school student blonde hair and golden sneakers, to finally play in the major leagues. On the song On my faceThe cherub-faced former baby star invites us into one of the establishment’s rooms, filled with an almost uncomfortable dark atmosphere, in shades of red and green.

The party takes place as a real script and continues with the song unstable. Sitting on the floor, between guitarist and guitarist, Justin Bieber sings in front of the camera, in the middle of the remnants of a drunken evening. “ And I started getting anxious, there were times when I couldn’t even breatheBehind it is the word “.”justice“, Referring to the title of his album, is highlighted roughly on the wall in capital letters.

Justin Berber sang several songs from his new album Justice, including the one unstable. Capture d’écran YouTube / Live from Paris / Justin Bieber

Then the fifth and final song from this fast-paced concert takes the spectator to a more intimate setting, on one of the hotel’s rooftop terraces, accompanied by one musician on the piano. Justin Bieber swapped out a pink beanie for a black beanie and his big white jacket for a felt coat. With 2 a lotInitially opening his album, the singer discusses his romantic relationship with the model. “Hailey was a true inspiration for me.”, It was also captured to the Sirius XM Hits radio microphone, this past March.

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In the YouTube chat, fans moved in and kept frantically posting comments by the thousands. “ Jesus », Rudely concludes the Internet user. A nod to the artist who went through a dark period a few years ago punctuated by alcohol, drugs and depression. Justin Bieber, who wore a cross as an earring throughout the show, seems to have finally found a path to salvation. Be guided justice God.