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The Voice Kids: Wincent Vice is speechless – “unbelievable shit **!”

The Voice Kids: Wincent Vice is speechless – “Really unbelievable bullshit **!”

Apr 14, 2021 at 4:14 pm

When this message reaches him, Wincent Weiss is terrified.

When this message reaches him, Wincent Weiss is terrified.

Foto: IMAGO / Future Image

Wincent Weiss is known as a sympathetic artist who possesses above all else.The Voice KidsGive respite to the candidates now and then. But when he reads the latest news, all of a sudden, the funny thing is over.

Saturday 1 star angry. The “The Voice Kids– He trained his anger and sent a serious message to his fans.

The Voice Kids– Star Winsent Weiss is terrified when he reads DAS

Because political events at the end of last week allowed for “The Voice Kids– The star isn’t cold. When he saw a report on “Tageshaw”, all alarm bells were ringing at Wincent Vice.

ARD News on Instagram summarizes the AfD’s election program for this year’s general election. Among other things, she says: “The Alternative for Germany wants to return to border control, accompanied by“ physical barriers ”such as border fences on the borders of the German state. Moreover, the party decided to exclude“ any family reunification of refugees. ”The party also called To ending the closure, abolishing the mask requirement, and Germany leaving the European Union.


This is Wincent Weiss:

  • Wincent Weiss was born on January 21, 1993 in Bad Oldslow
  • In 2013, the singer participated in the RTL casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” – and was among the last 29 nominees
  • He became famous online for the cover version of Elif’s song “Unter Meine Haut”.
  • His first single “Regenbogen” was released in September 2015
  • In April 2016, his first major hit with the title “Music to be” followed.
  • On June 20, 2020, he held the first indoor concert in Germany since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic at Lanxess Square in Cologne.
  • Since November 2020 he can be seen as a coach on “The Voice Kids”


The Voice Kids-Coach Wincent Weiss about AfD: “Simply stupid

Wincent Weiss immediately spoke out against the right-wing populist party. “There are unbelievable things in the world. This thing is really bad! Just stupid,” he comments on the “Tagesschau” post on his Instagram story.

The AfD’s demands make Wincent almost speechless, but fortunately he finds harsh words to clarify his political views.


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