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‘I’ve Always Been Affected by Begging’: Marianne James’ Secrets While She Was Playing in the Street

Saturday 30th April 50 minutes indoors She dedicated her image to Marianne James who captivated her early days and in particular the time she was playing in the street, begging. “I did it because I was making a living”She confirmed.

She never left him. During her tour – which should run until 2023 – Marianne James is always accompanied by the same guitar. A guitar given to him by his father. “My guitar that I’m playing on stage will be fifty years old in September 2023”, the singer said in an interview with Nikos Aliagas 50 Minutes Inside, which aired on Saturday, April 30. And to add: “My father is the one who accompanies me. Then the friend … My first heartache, I cried for her. Success in the baccalaureate, or I don’t know what, I sang with her. She was there on the street. ” Because, yes, before she became known by being the singer Maria Ulrica von Glüt on the show Final concert Then being right new star Before going to TV shows, Marianne James performed it in Street.

Marian James: ‘I’ve always been begging’

I was playing in the streetArts et Métier station [à Paris, ndlr] On the front yard of Beauburgwith all that it contains.Marianne James, admitted, detailing the problems she encountered while begging: “That means the police who tempt you, who beg, who don’t, who take your money, who pull out a razor blade at 10 p.m. in Beaubourg Square. It has intricate sleeves. It really is the sidewalk.But if the singer (who, assuming it is “forty pounds plus”, is the one who says so) plays in the street, it was not out of spite, but by choice: “I did it because I was making a living,” Marianne James confirmed, concluding: I’ve always been beaten up by beggingAnd I was free as air.”

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