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Jan Potts: “Healed” after cancer surgery

Jan Potts: “Healed” after cancer surgery

Jan Putz
He was ‘cured’ after cancer surgery

Jan Potts at a show in Cologne.

© Imago / Horst Galuchka

TV presenter Jan Potts had to go under the knife. Now the 85-year-old has explained how he is doing after his cancer operation.

Jean Potts, 85, is back after undergoing cancer surgery. In mid-June he had a In a Facebook video He briefly described to his fans why the surgery was necessary. There he announced that he would “go under the knife next week”. He said succinctly in the introduction that the hat he wears in his hydrogen-themed video has a “purpose”.

He showed a patch on his forehead in the video. At this point, the cancer has “established,” according to the TV star, “although it’s harmless, it needs to be operated on.” “Keep your fingers crossed that this will go smoothly,” added the medium, who was once famous for the hit series Hopithec.

“I’m cured”

After the operation Jean Potts has now revealed to ‘Bild’ newspaper.: “A 1.5 cm piece of skin had to be cut under general anaesthesia.” The 85-year-old continued, “I now have roof damage, but I don’t care about the scar, it’s healed, and I don’t need beauty when I’m old.”


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