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It’s official! Charlie Cox will reprise the MCU as Daredevil

The president of Marvel Studios recently revealed in an interview that actor Charlir Cox will be responsible for bringing Daredevil back to life in future MCU projects.

Writing / La Foz de Michoacán

United State. It was without a doubt one of the most loved Marvel series on Netflix reckless, Much of the series’ success is due to the charisma and portrayal of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock The MCU’s super-blind super lawyer. Unfortunately, the series was canceled in its third season, but it is now known that more of this character will be present in future Marvel projects.

President of Marvel Studios recently, Kevin Feige, He mentioned in an interview that the character Darville, He will continue to play it Charlie Cox Bringing joy back to fans, because if projects involving the man come out without fear, this amazing character will continue to appear within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Cox’s hands.

“If you see Daredevil in the next few things, Charlie Cox, yes, he will be the actor playing Daredevil. Where, how and when we see that remains to be seen,” Feig stated. As you can see, the Marvel boss didn’t elaborate on this statement, but it’s a great starting point for all fans, as it’s been rumored that Daredevil could make his next appearance in a movie. Spider-Man: There’s no room for home.

This theory arose because of Alleged leaks of photos From the tape of trepamuros, because it appears in one of them Matt Murdock With Peter Parker, which means Murdock will be the attorney in charge of Peter’s defense after his identity is revealed in the second installment of the saga by Mystery.

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On the other hand, it was commented on Disney Plus The character could be welcomed to dedicate a new production to him, as well as this character would be an excellent fit for future MCU projects, such as Strong woman.