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‘Permanent Trance’: Eric Rubin Revealed as ‘Lazy’ in Who’s Mask

The singer highlighted the difficulties she faces in dealing with a load of more than fifteen kilograms Photo: Televisa

In the latest elimination ceremony Who is the mask?The audience was surprised when the identities of two characters were revealed:carnivorous And lazy, who was embodied by Tatiana and Eric Rubin for nine weeks in a reality show Sunday is about to end.

Infobae Mexico Chat with EricWho narrated the experience of participating with an unpublished character in the program that consists of Hide the identity of celebrities under huge and colorful shoes While giving tracks and giving music performances.

“I am happy with what I experienced. This project is submitted by Miguel Angel Fox, I have to admit I’m a fan of the concept and have watched past seasons. And the anxiety was born at some point involved in it, and it was acknowledged, the truth is I didn’t think twice. We talked about what kind of character to create and came to the conclusion of this laziness.”

In addition to being heavy, the
In addition to being heavy, “Lazy” is stern, so he had to manipulate her to give her some movement Photo: Televisa

“I wanted a likable and affectionate character, I was based on the ‘Flash’ character from the movie zootopia, so we began to give him life, as soon as I met him, they began to send me pictures, We made a deal and the truth is I fell madly in loveThe artist, who performed this weekend in concert with her daughter Mia, said her start as a singer.

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Rubin highlighted the technical difficulties of the Berezosso program and the dynamics of the program He tries to keep everything a mystery and limits the interaction of celebrities with each other And with production:

“The dynamic of keeping your identity secret is stressful even because you can’t talk to anyone, it has made you isolated, the people who are with you, and your team also have to be disguised. All of this gives it a constant level of euphoria. The character is too complex, heavier, difficult to manipulateI could breathe a bit because they put a double net on it so it wouldn’t show through and that removes the oxygen, all the heat was concentrated inside the suit.

To determine the character, Eric had a character in mind
To define the character, Eric had in mind the character “Flash” from the movie Zootopia Photo: Televisa

Besides being heavy and solid, he did not have the ability to move. I’ve been finding ways to make it look graceful, danceable, choruses, it’s an add on when you have these limitations.

The former Timbiriche highlighted the feeling of satisfaction with his performance, Although he admitted that he couldn’t brag about his performance because he was imposing it So that the “researchers” of the program are not known: Yuri, Monica Huarte, Carlos Rivera and Juanba Zurita.

“I am very happy with my country performance, With the character he creates, the many people associated with him, I received tokens of love for the character, and fortunately later, I knew I was giving them life. It was an exercise, I knew I had to get rid of Eric the singer and turn myself into this character Ramsey, sloths, knowing it’s not a singing contest. Finally, how do they think you should do even in performance, the song. With the one they took me out of it was of my opinion that I interpreted it quite differently from the way I interpret it, With a hoarse voice but maybe it wasn’t profitable to the people who were thereAndrea Legareta’s husband said.

I received the introduction of the program
The presenter of the “Hoy” program welcomed her husband to the forum, sending him an emotional message Photo: Instagram / @andrealegarreta

He is also an active actor in projects Jesus Christ is a star And the musical tour 90s pop tour He admitted that he wanted to reach the final to watch, Without underestimating the work of his fellow finalists: “Hueva”, “Gitana” and “Apache”.

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“It affects, It does not mean that the lazy are better than those who remain. Characters who made it to the final have a lot of validity. I was already one step away from the final, I wish I could have been there, ”the artist admitted.

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