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Lucero Mijares defended inclusive language on TikTok and this is how users interacted – Nueva Mujer

Lucero Mijares has become a relevant figure in social networks And at the age of 16, they have a wonderful and fun personality that captivates all the fans of their parents, Lucero and Miguel Mijares.

The teenager showed a great interest in theater He was closely involved with all the actors in the play La caula de las locas, so it is common to see it on social networks with many characters.

newly, Influenced TikTok with Gerry Pérez Brown, with whom he participated on the stage in the famous play.

They both recorded a video They explain what the word “hermenica” means.which they described as “sisters, friends and the poor”.

Perez Brown urged his followers to participate in a dynamic where they have to send a word that describes the significance of the word for them, and in this way they can become “Members,” because they are “not members.”

Lucero was quick to make his own point and indicated that he might be The best option to refer to this concept is “members”.

His friend immediately welcomed the proposal.

Lucero Megaris received the applause of the crowd

Many social media users They praised Lucero’s boldness They expressed their interest in joining the “Hermenicas”.

“Hermanica, I admire you Lucero Megaris, you are unique”, “I want to become a member, I don’t know if I meet the requirements but I want to”Fans commented, “Lucero is as beautiful as your mom, but you look like your dad too.”

This is not the first time Lucero has become a topic of conversation on social networksBecause the young woman was admired by many for her security, charisma and strong personality.

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Although he has not formalized his career in the artistic world، Music and acting talent Even for theatrical productions.

In this way, it would not be surprising to see them develop in such a short time into important artistic projects.