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Jean-Pierre Bernaud: The journalist gives his opinion on Professor Raoult

Jean-Pierre Perrault was a guest on Touche Not at My Position this Tuesday, August 31st. An opportunity for him to express his opinion on Professor Raoult.

A man is divided. For more than a year, the French have been living with the Covid-19 epidemic. In order to eliminate him, the government continued to work health measures which has been subjected to severe criticism at times. Quickly, the man knew how to stand out and did not stop making a fuss. that it Didier Raoult, director of the IHU Méditerranée. on set Don’t touch my TV On this Tuesday, August 31, Jean-Pierre Bernaud did not hesitate to give his opinion on him. He first returned to the doctor’s passage at the show the day before. “I listened to him and nothing he said shocked me. I found it rather quiet and Didier is the only name for doctors of this type I knew before the crisis‘, admits the symbolic presenter. Thus, he does not hesitate to classify Didier Raoult asglobal authority. Even if an official retires him, there is no need to worry about his future. It will be in demand all over the world.”, He said. Reason ? Jean-Pierre Pernot concluded that he “discovered dozens of viruses”.

Big controversy. Since the beginning of the epidemic, Didier Raoult has been talked about a lot because he did not hesitate to give a clear opinion about The COVID-19 pandemic but also its management. And because he is confident of a possible treatment to eliminate the virus, he praised the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine and recently Doubts about the true efficacy of vaccination against Covid-19. As for Jean-Pierre Bernaud, we have to wonder where this controversy originated. “There was this famous hydroxychloroquine. I don’t know what it is but I know I got it at home, just in case, you never knowHe says first.It was banned in France the day after a study was published. The Ministry of Health jumped on this study, which dismantled the treatment and prevented it“Then he sets. According to him, the problem arose because”The government did not rescind its ban on the basis of a bogus study. So there was annoyance arose in public opinionThe presenter says before adding:We must let the doctors work and treat us‘, he finished.

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Didier Raoult: What is his opinion of pandemic management?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Didier Raoult has been omnipresent, but he has finally been sidelined and no longer interested in government directives. However, it was out of the question for him not to give his opinion of Tosh Plateau not in my position. “I try to send him messages that I consider necessary for the country, “ He said, referring to Emmanuel Macron. As a reminder, the President of the Republic went to meet with the professor to discuss the epidemic and how to deal with it.

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