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Jesse Uribe melted with tenderness after she showed herself dancing with her daughter

the singer Jesse Oribe He melted thousands of his fans with affection after he showed himself dancing with his daughter Sarah.

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through your account InstagramWhere he has more than five million followers, he shared a video in which he was seen from his home wearing tracksuits and dancing with his young daughter to the beat of the song. “You never cease to make me happy.” from Vieira de Ogenaga, whose music video has garnered more than six million views Youtube.

In the recording, the artist was seen moving his hips to the tune of this song and holding the girl by the hands, but when she does not move, he prefers to carry her and continue dancing with her.

“What a tale of Perio, there is no such thing as dance lanes”The artist said in the description of the post in which he achieved thousands of “likes” and comments for the tender moment.

“Their happiness, the best moment”, “That happiness is incomparable, only those who have daughters understand it”, “This is daddy, congratulations Jesse”, “Divinooooos! With this dad so games ”, “What a blessing, glory to God, thanks! to you, Jesus”, were some of the messages left by his fans.

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