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Love in the Meadow: Why Stephanie Never Write to Hervey

Several months after filming Love in the Meadow, Stéphanie and Hervé are still in love. Nothing foreshadowed such a beautiful story since Stephanie never wrote…

The first part of the review Love in the meadow 2021It’s Monday, November 22. Karine Le Marchand gathered all farmers this season to hear their opinions and see if they’ve found the perfect fit thanks to the programme. Among the couples still in love are Stephanie and Hervey. The lovebirds have been swimming in happiness since they met. And The physical affinity in the farm happened completely naturally. At the end of a gastro staple after a funny raclette, Stephanie and Hervey exchanged their first kiss. The rest is theirs… or roughly: ” It was a wonderful night, revealing the feelings that were born between me and Stephanie. So, The page is no longer empty said the farmer. ” We’ll say it was intense. I didn’t expect it to go so fast. He said to me : “I’m ready,” Stephanie added. However, the latter could not write to Hervé for this reason.

“I thought about it”

Hervé was as transparent as possible in his photo about the details of his intimate life: “ I wanted to find my other half, trust me screen star. I had to show myself as I was, and not give the wrong image From me, so that the suitors will not have any unpleasant surprises once they reach the farm This made Stephanie’s sincerity questionable.

Stephanie definitely fell in love with Hervey, but admitting her virginity made her doubt: ” It’s true thatAt first I thought about it. I thought it might not be easy for him, as advertised for screen star. But we talked about him, and I told him: “We’ll only do it when you’re ready.” When he told me it was ready, we went. He proved to me that he did not lie! Since then, Hervey has made up for lost time.

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