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Cinema: Screening of “L’Événement” by Audrey Dewan



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A. Le Quéré, S. Gorny, G. Le Goff, L. Hauville – France 3

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L’Événement, directed by Audrey DiwanIt will be shown on Wednesday, November 24 in cinemas. The film tells the story of a secret abortion in the 1960s, based on Annie’s novel Arn.

In the 1960s, Anne, a literature student, got pregnant. Don’t want to keep the baby, but what do you do when the law prohibits abortion? This obstacle course was filmed by director Audrey Diwan.A young woman against the law, a young woman against the times, and a young woman who has to overcome this fear.”, indicates the exit.

The word “abortion” is never mentioned in the movie. In France, prior to 1975, women who abort risked imprisonment, and those who drown in giving testimony anonymously. Half a century later, despite the development of the law, abortion is still a sensitive topic. before it became a movie, the event It is a book Arn. The novelist recounted her own experience there.

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