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Weird Behavior – Paul hesitates to see you again

GZSZ fans have been waiting for the return of Niklas Osterloh and his character Paul Weidmann for nearly four months. Next week it’s finally time: the passionate craftsman will be back in Berlin. But the joy of seeing you again seems cloudy… Warning, spoilers will follow!

To have a profitable craftsman job Pee He moved to Canada a few months ago. In his absence there was a lot going on in Kolle-Kiez. Not only his stepdaughter Kate learn that tuner It was her father, and in his absence, Emily was hospitalized after a serious fall to recover from a severe concussion.

But with Paul back soon, everything should get better. Already on November 24 Niklas Osterloh, Who has been in front of RTL cameras again since the end of September can be seen at GZSZ. The corresponding episode is available to you a week ago, since November 17, on RTL + Premium. But obviously Paul and Emily’s reunion wouldn’t be so joyful…

Not only is Emily looking forward to Paul’s return. The following comeback in the video was also met with approval from GZSZ fans:

What news does Paul carry in his bags?

Although not much is known about Paul’s comeback yet, RTL has already posted the first two comeback thumbnails. The first picture shows Emily, who doesn’t look very happy, who apparently wanted to surprise Paul with a special idea. In the descriptive text, the station wrote: “Emily noticed Paul weighing something down.” – Does the craftsman have bad news for his wife in the luggage? Did something happen in Canada that could jeopardize your relationship? A couple happily reunited after seemingly different months.

Is Emily about to end her relationship?

The second photo, which you can see at the beginning of the article, does not bode well either. “A world collapsed for Emily,” this is the descriptive text of Radio Cologne. There are many indications of a breakup or a relationship crisis between them.

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This also supports the first scene that shows Paul in the neighborhood again. He just arrived in the taxi in front of Emily’s and his apartment. But instead of happily exiting, he asks the taxi driver to take another turn around the building. Paul seems to want to delay his arrival a little longer. His serious face also seemed to confirm that something was wrong! The following reading tip will tell you that Paul’s return is going differently than expected:

You’ll find out exactly what’s going to happen in the coming weeks every Monday through Friday from 7:40 PM on RTL. in our area GZSZ . Preview You can read how it goes for the rest of the neighborhood.

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