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Judgment on Trump’s podium: ‘I think there will be a failure’

“Get ready! Your favorite boss will see you soon!”

Donald Trump’s message – Posted via screenshot from the ex-president’s son on Twitter Touted as the first site to be written on social media platform Truth Social, the former president has set up since being suspended on Twitter after repeated lies that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen”.

The platform has not yet opened, but is scheduled to launch on Monday, although it has been reported that it has been delayed until the end of March.

You can think of what you want from different politicians, but Trump is very good at tweeting. Bengt Johansson, professor of journalism and mass communication at the University of Gothenburg, says he knows which buttons to press.


Therefore, Trump’s suspension from the podium was a severe blow, as he communicated extensively with supporters, opponents and journalists.

Truth Social has been described as an interview with so-called “big tech” companies, which according to Trump’s censorship views. At the same time, the company writes in its terms that users are prohibited from “undermining, polluting or otherwise harming, in our opinion, us and/or the Site,” the news magazine says. I mentioned the time in.

– I’m actually a little surprised by that, says Johansson.

It pretty much looks like a niche channel that will struggle to reach a wide range. I think it will be a failure. But I was wrong before.

Several experts do in time Similar analysis.

The more people who join, the more value is created (these sites), Joshua Tucker of the Center for Social Media and Politics at New York University in New York tells the newspaper.

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So when you start cutting out a large percentage of the population, it gets more difficult, because it makes it more difficult to expand.

On the other hand, Trump supporters are eagerly awaiting the app, which is considered capable of giving conservatives a voice.

“The world is recovering,” for example, wrote Liz Willis of the conservative, Trump-friendly news site Right Side Broadcasting Network. on Twitteralong with a screenshot of Trump’s post.

Consciously silent

The situation is quite calm at the moment about the usually loud Donald Trump, who is believed to be planning to run for president in 2024. Johansson believes it is a strategy for the important midterm elections this fall, in which all members of Parliament participate and a third of the Senators are elected.

– He did not work much abroad, but most likely made alliances with those loyal to him in the party. I think this is quite conscious.

The last time Trump made a major appearance, in mid-January in Arizona, he kept talking about the 2020 election.

Plus, scandals continue to engulf Trump, even if he doesn’t get as much attention as he did during his time in the White House. The audit firm that Trump hired for several years resigned after finding the president’s data over the past 10 years to be unreliable. Investigations into the storming of the Capitol continue to cast a shadow over Trump, who is also under investigation over how he handled large numbers of documents in the White House.

Never run out of power

Although Trump is master when it comes to maintaining his support during crises, his reputation is affected by the endless flow of scandals, says Johansson, who takes UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as an example. Shattered after scandal after scandal, support for him has now fallen sharply.

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This is after several parties were revealed at 10 Downing Street headquarters during the difficult pandemic lockdown in the country. It is also believed that Johnson’s criticized attack on opposition leader Keir Starmer affected the situation.

– It seems that nothing is stuck, but somewhere the cup is overflowing.

– But it’s hard to say where those boundaries go.

Bengt Johansson is Professor of Journalism and Media at the University of Gothenburg. click on the picture. Photo: Johan Wingborg/TT

Donald Trump, Twitter and Truth Social

Twitter was one of Donald Trump’s main channels of communication.

After the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, the outgoing president was permanently suspended from the podium, after repeatedly falsely claiming that the presidential election was “stolen.” It has also been commented on by Facebook.

Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) has merged with existing listed company Digital World Acquisition Corp, and is funding the new Truth Social app.

The launch is planned for February 21, but is expected to be delayed until the end of the month from March to April.