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JuL will go even higher with an album, 20 tracks, and 20 NFT

It’s a rapper’s D-Day with twenty-five albums. Barely six months later independencereleased last December, JuL will unveil its latest project named alien. To please his fans, he has prepared a new device that gives access to several advantages, all in the form of NFT.

JuL recently announced that all of its titles have the right to a music video. They will be available this evening, between 6pm and 10pm, at Gold and Platinum YouTube Channel. But this isn’t the only surprise JuL has created.

The artist intends to offer NFTs allowing holders to obtain gold or platinum certifications for this album, as well as a lifetime discount rate on son site. but that is not all. Three fans are entitled to pay royalties for exploiting his YouTube videos, for a year.

His 2 year concert tickets have been sold out

If this good news is to please more than one, it will be hard to get tickets for his concert at the Vélodrome de Marseille on June 4. And for good reason, they were all sold out for two years. It will still air on TMC prime time on June 10. JuL will also participate, out of competition, on the field, in a party song of the year On TF1, where he will perform one of his new titles.

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